How to repost an Instagram Story: 3 ways to reshare content to drive engagement
How to repost an Instagram Story: 3 ways to reshare content to drive engagement

When Instagram introduced Stories in 2016, it gave businesses a way to humanize their marketing strategies. IG Stories let you create and share photos, videos, polls, and other content that’s only available for 24 hours. 

Although it might seem that investing time and effort into content with a short life span is less than rewarding, Stories have the potential to engage your audience on a more personal level. Keep production time on Stories to a minimum — while still making an impact — by reposting Stories from other Instagram profiles.

In this article, we’ll guide you through resharing other users’ posts to your Instagram Story, how to repost someone else’s Story to your Story, solutions for reposting a Story you’re not tagged in, and tips for reposting Stories creatively.

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How to repost Instagram feed posts to your Story

Instagram feed posts made by public accounts can be easily reshared as part of your Instagram Story for your audience. To reshare a post, the account must be public and have post sharing enabled. This method is widely used because it’s simple and it credits the original creator.

When you come across an Instagram post you would like to repost to your Story, simply tap the paper airplane icon next to the comment bubble. The option, “Add post to your story” will appear, as will a list of your Instagram contacts, to whom you can send the post via direct message.

When reposting an Instagram post to your Story, there are two options.

  1. You can repost the image only.
  2. You can tap on the image and get a preview of the image and the caption.

Use the same steps to repost IGTV videos, Instagram Reels, or your own posts to your Stories.

How to repost Instagram Stories if your account is tagged

In 2018, Instagram rolled out a new feature — the ability to share Stories you’re tagged in on your own Instagram account. The change was groundbreaking, making Stories a more effective way to communicate with audiences.

If a brand or customer mentions or tags you in a Story, you get a notification in your direct messages. Once you are mentioned or tagged, you have the option to reshare that Story for the next 24 hours. 

Here are the steps to repost an Instagram Story you’ve been tagged in:

1. Open Instagram.

2. Go to Direct Messages.

How to repost Instagram Stories if your account is tagged

3. Open the notification that says “@username Mentioned you in their story”.

Mentioned you in their story

4. Tap “Add to Your Story”.

Add to Your Story

5. In the Story editor, you can add stickers, text,  or additional tags, just like any other Story.

6. Then tap “Send To” and choose “Your Story”.

If someone tags you in the first Story of a sequence but not in the subsequent ones, you can only reshare the one in which you are tagged. So if someone is recording a Story sequence and tagging you, ask them to tag in each of the sequences if possible.

How to repost Instagram Stories if your account is not tagged

Let’s say you see a Story about your brand that you’d like to repost, but you are not tagged. The easiest solution is asking the user that posted that Story to tag you. Then, you can reshare it using the above method.

But you only have 24 hours to contact the user and ask them to tag you because their Story will disappear. They may not see your message asking you to tag them in time.

If asking the user to tag you in your Story isn’t an option, there are two other solutions.

1. Take a screenshot/record

If the Story is a photo you can simply take a screenshot while it’s still active. The screenshot will be saved to your device’s camera roll, where you can upload it to your content plan and then share it when it suits you. 

If the Story is a video, you can use your device’s built-in screen recorder or download and use a screen recording app. 

When you are ready to record the Story, just swipe up and tap the red record button. Swipe back down to return to the story. Your screen recorder will record everything on the screen, including sound, until you swipe up and tap the stop recording button again. Screen recordings are also saved to your camera roll, so you can upload them to your Story later.

NOTE: Always ASK PERMISSION to repost someone’s Story and CREDIT them by tagging their Instagram account in your Story.

2. Use third-party tools

There are many third-party tools and Instagram Stories downloaders that let you reshare the Stories you are not tagged in. Most of them are free to download and easy to use, such as, Ingramer.

To use some of these tools, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the tool on your device or visit the website of the tool on your internet browser.
  2. Tap the search field and type the username of the Story you want to reshare.
Use third-party tools to post instagram story

3. Download the Stories you need to your device. Voila!

As you can see, there are definitely ways to repost Stories even if you are not tagged or mentioned. However, it is always recommended to ask for permission before sharing anyone’s Instagram content. And always tag the original creator of the content.

Creative tips to repost Stories

Make your Instagram Stories look attractive to generate more engagement and add consistent branding.

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1. Customize font colors. To add text to your Instagram stories, tap the “Aa” icon in the top-right corner. Then, tap the color wheel to see Instagram’s selection of preset colors. You can also match a color from your image by using the eyedropper tool. Tap and hold the dropper and drag it over an element in your photo that you want to color-match. This way, you have clear consistency with branded images in your Stories. Also, you can play around with Instagram’s font selection and add more detail to your story with engaging text.

Creative tips to repost Stories- Customize font colors.

2. Change background color. To change the background color in an Instagram Story, tap the three dots in the corner, then the draw icon. A selection of colors appears at the bottom. You can change your background to one of these colors or use the eyedropper tool to change it to a color that appears in your image. After selecting a color, tap and hold on to your image to change the background to that color.

3. Use GIFs. Everybody loves GIFs, they make the social media user experience enjoyable and they are a perfect way to humanize your Stories. You can use Instagram’s GIFs or create your own branded GIFs to strengthen your brand identity and help inspire user-generated content.

Animated GIF - Hands Shaking

Repost Instagram Stories with ease

There are different methods and tools that help you repost your own, or someone else’s Stories or posts in your Stories, regardless of you being tagged. Reposting Stories and resharing posts in a strategic way can engage your followers and provide interesting content for your account. Use these tips and make your Instagram Story-reposting experience amazing!

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