How to change the background color of Instagram Stories?
How to change the background color of Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are by far the most popular feature of Instagram. Starting from how to change the background color of Instagram Stories; today we will dig into the hacks and tactics we all can use to boost up our creativity when preparing Stories.

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Changing the Instagram Stories background color – the regular method

How to Change the Background of Instagram Stories
  • Open Instagram Stories
  • Use your camera to take a photo or a video or choose an existing photo from your camera roll
  • Select the brush icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Choose a color from the color wheel
  • Tap the screen and wait
  • The selected color will be applied to your Instagram Story within a few seconds

You have a brand color that doesn’t exist within Instagram’s default color wheel but you’d like to use it as your Instagram Story background color. What do you do?

Fortunately, you’ll see a huge color palette if you tap and long-hold any of the default color options. Once you see it, just swipe across the slider and pick your custom color.

Changing the Instagram Stories background color – creative methods

1. The eraser tool

The best way to be a little playful, a little secretive.

The eraser tool helps us reveal portions of an image behind a coloured background.

Instagram Stories Eraser Tool

Start a new Story with an image you want to share. Use the pen tool to create a solid background color as described earlier. Reactivate the pen feature and select the eraser tool. Now draw anything on your screen, voila!

2. Turn live photos into boomerangs!

Live Photos can definitely turn into amazing Boomerangs on Instagram Stories.

Keep in mind that in order for this hack to work; live photos need to be taken within the last 24 hours. Here’s how;

Instagram Stories Boomerangs Background Color
  • Open Instagram Stories, swipe up, and pick a live photo from your camera roll.
  • Once selected, press firmly on the screen for a few seconds
  • The word Boomerang will appear briefly on the screen

That’s it! You’ve turned your live photo into a Boomerang!

3. Make collages on your Instagram Stories – with a quick hack!

Instagram Stories background Make Collages
  • Take a photo or use an existing photo from the drop-down gallery, you can change the background color or enhance your photo with filters, etc
  • Go to your phone’s Photos application
  • Click on a photo and choose Copy Photo
  • Go back to your Instagram Story and paste, sometimes Instagram pastes automatically
  • Repeat this process as many times as you want to add more and more photos!

4. Make a collage on Instagram Story – using the layout mode

Another way to make a collage on Stories is to use Instagram’s own feature; the Layout mode.

Instagram Stories background Layout Mode
  • Go to Stories
  • Swipe left to see the available options for your phone
  • Pick Layout and explore the different grids
  • Take photos or upload the old ones from your Camera Roll.

When creating your collage; you can get even more creative by having your Story viewers pick one of the photos in your collages and/or by asking questions about the photos, or by making a quiz. Always think about what to add in order to make your collage more engaging with your Story viewers.

Since we’re talking about being creative and using colors, why not figuring out how to change the color of our direct messages on Instagram?

Now that FB and IG have become one, just like Messenger, you can choose different themes for your private chats. Follow the steps below;

Instagram Stories background Chat Color
  • Open your app and go to your direct messages
  • Choose a chat to which you want to add a new theme
  • Select the “i” icon in the upper right corner
  • Under Chat Settings, click on the circle next to Theme
  • From the pop-up window, select a color, theme, or gradient that reflect you
  • The theme will be applied automatically, and you’ll see a notification underneath your last message in the conversation.

Last but not least; don’t forget to schedule your Instagram content in advance for the best results! Read this article to understand the importance of scheduling content on Instagram in advance.

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