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The cost of being abused due to any security gap can result in financial loss, customer mistrust, an embarrassment to your brand or even legal trouble. All social media platforms have their own features for keeping your accounts and your information safe that you should know. Here is an ultimate guideline of best practices for different social media platforms.

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Social Media plays a critical role for businesses as it helps to engage with customers, building a relationship with your audience, improving brand awareness, increasing traffic, boosting sales and much more. On the other hand, while the main focus of business’ is on developing social media accounts, staying the social media safe is usually an overlooked aspect. Cyber attacks have risen for the last years and even the high profile accounts fell victim of social media hacking. In 2016, LinkedIn was hacked and millions of credentials data stolen. Twitter accounts of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg which seem too secure to be attacked, were also hacked.

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