How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

When it comes to social media, the video content is the winning one. Lots of brands are emphasizing the importance of social videos in their marketing efforts to grow the revenue of their businesses for 49% yearly. But why? Because of it:

  1. Builds awareness of your products or services faster: Our brains are 60.000 times more sensitive to visual content than to the information that’s written.
  2. Increases customer retention: Psychologically, we perceive whatever we’re seeing as something that’s directly happening with us. Hence, the connection with the brand and the viewer becomes tighter.
  3. Builds trust: This is the foundation for every business that provides conversions and sales. Videos can spark human emotions and give the viewers an impression of the individual approach of your products and services which gives them the confidence of moving forward with their buyer’s journey.

Here are some questions to ask when making short videos for social networks. These questions will help you to not only take advantage of the social media crisis but to boost the engagement to the next level.

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Create a Social Media Video Strategy

First of all, you need to plan ahead the goals that you want to achieve through this video. to accomplish this,

  • Define your objectives that are important for you to spread out,
  • Identify your target audiences and their needs,
  • List your inspirations, ideas, and tips to make your video more attractive to your community.

Besides these, the technical side of creating a video is another part to take into consideration when it comes to strategic planning. What program you want to use, the equipment, lighting and what video editing tools are, need to be decided beforehand to plan your strategy. It’s also important to determine what social media channels you are going to publish your video. 

How to Start the Video?

The very first seconds of the video is hugely important because it’s then when you are able to grab the viewer’s attention which is so hard to get these days. You should transmit the information of what the video is about and “promise” the value for the person who’ll watch your video in a very limited amount of time. Making a fast introduction within a few seconds will help you trigger your audience’s interest. Imagine it as the subject of an email. If it doesn’t inspire you, will you open it? Of course not. So, begin your video with a very short and informative introduction.

What the Content of the Video Should Be?

We all know that the content can be anything and this sometimes freedom is the reason why it’s hard to decide what to distribute. But it’s not that hard as it may seem. Think about the content this way: video is just one format of communicating with your specific audience. So, it should be interesting not for everyone but for specific people segmented with common problems or challenges that you can help to overcome.

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Buyer Personas

You should present the way you can be useful for your buyer personas with different video types like:

1. Video announcements

You can use videos to proclaim about the upcoming events, new products or service expansions that you are planning. If you manage to broadcast the right announcement video to the right audience at the right time, it can go viral on social networks.

2. Live Videos

It is easier to engage your audience through live videos as they get a notification that you are live. The challenging factor is – you will never know what will happen when you are on air. Subconsciously, people are waiting for something unprecedented to happen. Once, a BBC reporter’s children interrupted his interview and it went viral. So now the keyword “BBC reporter” is associated with this person and the incident.

To avoid any kind of off scripts, go live with a simple hack – schedule your live video. There is a tool called Restream Scheduler. Upload your pre-recorded video, schedule and wait for it to go live. Especially for marketing-related purposes, this tool is really valuable.

3. Onboarding or tutorial videos

The simple act of caring about your customers can be making a video that would help them see the results of your services easier and faster or teach them how to efficiently use your products.

4. User-Generated Content

This type of videos is not something you actually do but you let your loyal customers create the content for you. This is like an award after your hard work –  if you delight your customers, they might share some nice videos on social media (e.g. unboxing the product of your brand, before/after videos with positive feedback, etc.) to show how grateful they are for the work you are doing for them.

How long should the length of the social video be?

When creating a video, there can be a misunderstanding about the length of the video because it’s very different for each social platform and for each video type that you are planning to do. There are countless statistics about video duration on the internet.

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The statistics might be helpful but don’t take them as they are. Every business is different and you have to make sure that you know exactly what your audience’s preferences are. What you want to do here is to test every social network you are using, tracking the results, and learning the insights for future campaigns.

Nevertheless, remember it’s not the duration that should drive the video. If the content provides value to your readers then it should drive the length of the video. So, try to avoid technical automation and focus on the idea.

How to end the video?

Of course, you don’t want your potential customers to scroll down and forget about your video after watching it. To meet the objectives of your marketing strategy you want to promote the next actions. When you tell a story or describe the problems of your target audience, show the solutions you can provide to help them. You can give enough emotional power that will motivate your viewers and will make them believe that your solution is something that will definitely solve their problem.

When the motivation is there, only then you can directly tell them what to do to get what they want. Use simple but effective call-to-action. Without creating the desire to do what you’re asking, the call-to-action might seem too promotional, so make sure to provide value before asking them to do something for you.

Before you finish reading this article we’ll give you 1 more useful tip to help you implement your social media marketing strategies more efficiently. Using a social media publishing tool that would enable you to save your precious time and manage the content publishing process automatically, can be very handy for you. Good luck with your future video adventures!

We send emails with your permission only
Inform me with news, updates and promotional emails.