How to make playlists on TikTok (+3 reasons why you should)
How to make playlists on TikTok (+3 reasons why you should)

TikTok has one billion monthly active users. And 60% of these users are GenZ.

But GenZ has an attention span of 8 seconds, according to a Microsoft consumer study. This creates a slight problem for your TikTok marketing strategy.

How do you keep viewers focused on your brand in the face of a million other videos vying for their attention?

Enter TikTok’s solution:

TikTok Playlists – a must-have tool for organizing your content so you can keep your audience’s attention for longer.

In this post, I’ll walk you through what TikTok playlists are and how you can set them up on your brand’s TikTok profile.

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What are TikTok Playlists?

The TikTok creator playlist is a feature that lets you organize your content in a way that makes it easy for your viewers to consume them. Similar to IGTV series or YouTube playlists, this feature lets your viewers access similar content in a single stream.

Social media expert, Alessandro Paluzzi, provides more information on this work in a tweet.

What are TikTok Playlists?

According to him, only public videos can be added to a playlist. And these playlists can be created via an option on your profile.

If you have access to the TikTok playlist feature, your playlists will appear above your videos on your brand’s profile page. Your viewers can also access them by tapping on the yellow tag on any video that’s part of a playlist.

Now, this begs the question. 

Who can make TikTok creator playlists?

At this moment, only select or verified TikTok creators have access to this feature. But according to Social Media Today, the feature will be rolled out to more users in the future. There is no public information on how long this will take, yet.

If your brand is among the select creators with access to this feature, here’s why you should care about it.

3 reasons why you should create a TikTok playlist

If TikTok is a key marketing channel for your brand, these are three reasons why you should leverage TikTok playlists.

1. Increased watch time

A curated collection of videos that caters to the needs of your viewers keeps them on your profile for longer. This signals to TikTok that your content is useful. And that more viewers will likely benefit from it.

2. Helps your showcase your value

You can publish and organize short videos providing tips, tutorials, or general information on topics your viewers care about. This positions your brand as a subject matter expert in your niche.

3. Help viewers navigate around your videos

On a feed with hundreds of videos, it’s easy for a single video to get lost. TikTok playlists take a stab at solving this problem by making it easy for viewers to see the range of content your brand provides.

Organize your content into relevant playlists. And your viewers will find what they need with minimal scrolling.

How to make a playlist on TikTok?

There are two main ways to create a playlist on your account. I’ll outline the two steps below. But you need to have a business or creator TikTok account to use either.

Method 1

This method is for creating new playlists from scratch.

  • Go to your TikTok profile.
  • At the top of your video feed, there’s a button that says “Sort videos into playlists”. Tap this button to get started.
  • Tap “Start creating”.
  • Name your playlist and tap “Next”. The ideal playlist name should be short, easy to remember, and easy to understand.
  • Select the videos you want to add to the playlist and tap “Create playlist”.

Your new playlist should be visible on your profile now.

Method 2

This method is for adding individual videos to existing playlists.

  • Go to your profile and tap the video you want to add to a playlist.
  • Press and hold the video and choose “Add to playlist”.
  • Select the desired playlist and your video will be transferred into it.

How to remove a video from a TikTok playlist?

Editing your playlist is important to keep your audience engaged. Here’s how to remove a video from your playlist without deleting the video.

  • Choose the video you want to remove.
  • Tap and hold the video and choose “Remove from playlist”.

The video will no longer belong to the playlist.

4 tips for creating engaging TikTok playlists

You know how to create playlists for your brand’s TikTok profile now. But before you start creating, here are four tips to ensure your playlists are engaging.

  • Tell a story
  • Add an intro video
  • Trim excessive content
  • Engage with your audience

Tell a story

Short videos are TikTok’s pillar. The best way to think of your playlist is as a long video divided into multiple short videos – each one being part of a story.

This way, whenever viewers come across your playlist, they’re compelled to start from the beginning. And are eager to watch till the end so they don’t miss out on the value you provide. The consequence of this is: that your watch time and engagement will be boosted.

Add an intro video

This isn’t compulsory. But an intro video tells your viewers what to expect from your playlist.

For instance, you create a playlist related to cake baking. An intro video will give a brief introduction of the training and welcome every viewer to your training. What this does is help your viewers settle down and increase watch time across your playlist.

Trim excessive content

The videos in your playlist should be relevant to the topic you’re promised. If you start talking about irrelevant content, you’ll lose your viewers’ interest and potentially a customer.

Engage with your audience

This tip doesn’t just apply to playlists. Regularly engaging with your audience will make them choose your content over your competitors.

Interact with them in the comment section. Ask them for content ideas. Request feedback on existing videos. This shows them you’re real in ways a verified badge can’t. What’s more, you don’t have to handle everything manually.’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard streamlines TikTok comment management, making it effortless to maintain meaningful interactions with your followers.

Imagine this. 

A customer comes across your product tutorial on their For Your page and decided to check out your profile for more information about your brand.

Instead of scrolling endlessly through multiple pages and eventually leaving frustrated, the playlist feature lets customers find similar product tutorials where they can learn about your brand and what you have to offer.

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