Sharing our top-secret new social media platforms
Sharing our top-secret new social media platforms

Social media marketing has become a very important aspect of digital marketing and it’s easy to see why. The world spends about 10 billion hours on social media platforms daily.

Although a large portion of those hours is attributed to major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. There are some new, less popular platforms that provide immense social media marketing opportunities. 

As a social media marketer, not only are the engagement rates on traditional social media platforms enticing, but also tight competition makes it difficult for business pages to appear at the top of audiences’ feeds. Almost all your social media competitors are displaying their social media marketing prowess on Twitter, so this post seeks to expose social media platforms with a fair number of audience and less competition, which brands can leverage for their marketing campaigns, and in this post, we’ve selected 7 of them.

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Important considerations before adopting a new social media platform for your marketing campaigns

The upsurge of social media sites has made it so much easier for companies to get in contact with the core consumers of their products. However, this upsurge means there are now different social media sites that appeal to different niches, which brands can try their hands on.

But brands can’t afford to dive into every social media channel halfheartedly. The most effective method is choosing a few platforms and focusing on them exclusively to deliver side project marketing amongst other forms of marketing to the company’s core customers. 

Before we analyze each platform, some considerations should influence your choice of any social media platform;

1. Is your potential audience on that platform?

Your audience cannot be on every social media site, and even if you offer a product/service that cuts across a wide range of audience, platform like Tik Tok is better suited for the  Gen Z generation, whereas Facebook fits well with millennials. You are better off channeling your social media strategies on a selected few than trying to test the waters on every platform.

2. Would your audience be able to easily navigate the site?

Social media platforms have varying levels of complexities when it comes to their user interface and experience, so before you jump on any new platform, ensure it is a site that your potential audience can easily navigate depending on the technical knowledge.

3. What content formats work best on the platform and can you afford the resources to produce such content regularly?

It is best to know what sort of content thrives best on the platform of your choice. You should also ensure you can afford the resources(both human and financial) needed to produce content consistently on that platform.

4. What is your company’s social media goal?

A solid understanding of what you hope to achieve through your social media marketing efforts is a strong factor in what platforms you decide to use. A platform like Facebook is good for Lead generation.

5. What services do you offer?

Different social media sites have/are becoming niches for some particular kind of service, for example, if you offer professional services, LinkedIn is a platform you should focus on.

Ultimately, these factors should influence your choice of social media platforms and not the other way round to get the best out of your social media marketing efforts.

So as you read through our list of “secret” social media platforms”, keep those considerations top of mind.



Launch date: January 24, 2020

1.3 million Downloads in the first week of its launch

Play store downloads: 1,000,000+

Apple Store rating: 4.1

Byte is a short-form video hosting platform where users can create and publish videos that are anywhere from two to sixteen seconds long, either captured through the app or previously recorded and stored on their devices. It is largely regarded as the successor to Vine because of its similar short video span and was also created by the co-founder of Vine.

It is equipped with standard social features like feeds, explore pages, notifications, and profiles. It also allows users to follow other accounts and new accounts automatically follow Byte’s official account on their platform. The main home screen features a scrollable feed ( referred to as “Your Mix” on the app) of content from accounts that the user is following. The platform supports the ability to “like” and “rebyte” videos and you can also distribute your videos to other social media platforms.

In terms of app features, Byte is very similar to Tik Tok, but one unique difference is that it does not display the number of likes a post has while scrolling through the feed, so content that gets a lot of watch time is going to stand out.

“This is innovative. This is growth. This is what the people have been chanting for. This app has a great community of creators who are passionate and very supportive of one another. The bytes really showcase the variety of talents the internet has to offer from Comedy to 3D Art to Singing to Memes! It has so much to give. I certainly love how consistent the updates of this app is and how the developers have created a forum in which the byte community can chat amongst each other and with them. It certainly takes out the feeling of being a dollar sign that you get with other apps. If you’re looking for some good ol’ laughs or ready to be amazed then come join the app and forums!”

Apple App Store Reviews

Byte’s founder, Dom Hofmann hope what will help differentiate Byte is an early focus on helping content creators make money, and the app has plans to launch a partner program, offering monetization options to popular users on the app and although,  Byte has been acquired by Clash (another short-form video app), still currently retains its name and can be still be downloaded on Android and iOS App Stores. 

Considering its similarities with Tik Tok, you would expect social media marketing strategies that have proved successful on Tik Tok to work here also. You can view the guidelines for the content allowed on Byte on the company’s website.



Launch date: January 31, 2018

Play store downloads: 1,000,000+

Apple Store rating: 4.0

Caffeine is a live streaming platform, built by ex-Apple designers which boast of an ultra-fast streaming service that allows users to stream their computer or TV screens. It allows users to schedule a live stream ahead of time while also having a real-time chat interaction feature during the live stream. 

It is mostly dominated by gamers and entertainers for now and is proving to be a competition for the popular live streaming platform – Twitch.

The experience of using Caffeine is also totally different than using Twitch. There are no concurrent viewership numbers on the viewer side and the chatting system — which they call a “reaction system”  is based almost entirely around what your friends are watching; you see their comments first, and then the other comments that have been upvoted. 

Caffeine’s layout does a good job of making sure you don’t miss the shows you may care about. The presentation is dense with not only trending games, stars to follow, and videos to watch right now but also previews of upcoming shows.

“We created built-in tools that allow broadcasters to instantly share their show on Facebook and Twitter, which allows broadcasters to quickly reach existing audiences with new content and build their Caffeine community even faster.”, co-founder, Ben Keighran said

If your target audience is the Gen-Z age group, then this is a  platform worth testing. You might want to consider using it through Q&A, behind-the-scenes content, or a live stream about your brand products. 

“I tend to alternate between Twitch and Caffeine because I have a steady amount of viewers, but the difference I have between the two is with Twitch I feel I can add more personality to my streams with bots, overlays, and extensions. Where on Caffeine, things are more simplified so that I don’t have to worry about too much and just stream while having fun with the viewers,” said Silver, who requested to go by a pseudonym. (His handle on Twitch and Caffeine is Silverwolf77)

Caffeine has already attracted many celebrities by offering them the ability to stream content directly to their audience.



Launch year: 2019

Play store downloads: 50,000+

Apple Store rating: 4.3

Cappuccino lets you create groups with people of similar interests. Members of the group can record a short audio message — a bean, as the startup calls it. They talk about what’s on their mind for a couple of minutes. The next morning, group members receive a notification saying “your morning cappuccino has been brewed”.

When you hit play, a chill intro music starts playing followed by audio messages from members of the group. The features of this app are perfect for a brand looking to build a community by “brewing cappuccinos” that are relevant to their audience. 

“I started using this app “cappuccino” and it is like a podcast for friends and I get to hear my friends’ voices every day when they record themselves just talking about anything and I go back and listen to it throughout the day bc I miss hearing them”

Amelia Nelson (@ameliaesque) February 14, 2021

“Currently, we are focusing on offering this experience to small groups of close friends and family. We might extend to other use cases in the future”  founder Olivier Desmoulin said.

With Cappuccino, the idea is short, easy to record, and personal contents. It’s supposed to be a better experience for both people recording audio and people listening to audio.

Display Social 

Display Social

Launch date: May 2021

Play store downloads: 1,000,000+

Apple Store rating: 4.7

Formerly known as Tsu, Display Social is an online social media and networking service based in the United States. It refers to itself as a home for content creators and with the slogan “Social that pays”, It rewards valuable content through an ad revenue system. When you post content on display that generates ad revenue, they share a percentage of that revenue with you.

For each person who signs up using your invite link or username, you’ll earn 10% of the revenue generated on that person’s content. This 10% comes from Tsū’s earnings, not from the person you invite.

Many reasons to love Tsu. One is because they pay for your posted content. Other users can support you by adding more to your bank. But the main reason I love it is that there’s no diversion, no politics, no hatred, no being I’m better and smarter than you. Just awesome users showing love and support towards each other. Making connections and friendships from all over the world. Amazing community altogether. At last but not least, love looking at amazing content from so many incredible and creative people. Tsu is my number one social media.


It also allows you to send direct messages, photos, or videos to your friends using the chat interface.

App Features

Profile: A display social profile allows you to create a bio, upload photos/videos, create posts, follow others, and promote websites.

In-app Analytics: It gives data reports on posts and allows users to know which posts are doing well and resonating well with their audience.

Display TV: It has a built-in Television channel that can be used for live streams and pre-recorded shows. Brands can leverage this to produce content such as announcements, interviews, and also host programs.

Display Storefront: You can have your storefront right on the platform where you can post your products.  You’ll make a commission on anything you sell. 



Launch date: June 16, 2021

Play store downloads: 100,000+

Apple Store rating: 4.3

Greenroom is a social audio app, owned by Spotify that allows users to host live conversations. Through their virtual rooms, you can listen and talk about the things you love with artists and fans with similar interests. It has adopted the same color palette, font, and iconography as Spotify and even allows its users to sign up with their Spotify accounts (you can still use the green room without a Spotify account).

After signing up, it allows users to select their interests from a wide range of topics.

While it is very similar to Clubhouse, it has some unique features;

  •  A live text chat feature that the host can choose to turn on or off whenever they choose. Hosts can also request the audio file of their live audio session which they can then edit to turn into a podcast episode.
  •  The live audio sessions are being recorded by Spotify itself. This is for moderation purposes. If a user reports something in a Greenroom audio room, Spotify can go back to look into the matter, to determine what sort of actions needs to be taken and this is an area Clubhouse has struggled with.
  • Spotify is also announcing a creator fund, where people on the app will be paid based on how popular their rooms are and their engagement in them.
  • It uses “Gems” as a way of liking something a speaker says. When a host or speaker says something compelling, you can double-tap on their profile icon to give them a Gem. The number of Gems you receive when you’re speaking in a Room will show on your profile icon. Your total Gem count will show on your Greenroom profile.

“Great community. Like other social media, but it’s more focused than others. Easy to start a conversation with anyone about anything, or just listen. Kind of like a live podcast that you can interact with. Truly awesome”


Social Media Marketers have noticed an increasing podcast listener interest and With Spotify Greenroom, marketers gain one of the best virtual event opportunities, a meaningful chance to provide a virtual experience that leads to a highly engaged community. 


The Dots

Launch date: 2014

300,000 members as at 2018

Apple rating: 4.6

Labeled “the next LinkedIn by Forbes, The-Dots is a networking platform based in the United Kingdom. It boasts of itself as “The professional network for people who don’t wear suits to work”.

It allows users;

Get hired by top companies in different industries

Upskill at virtual events & workshops

Get  advice & find collaborators 

Apply for freelance, remote & full-time jobs

 It seeks to connect employees and businesses via creative projects rather than by CV and Pip Jamieson, the founder, dubs it LinkedIn for creatives.

“I started The Dots because the world of work has changed forever. Flexible teams & work are dominating. Remote and virtual working is here to stay. Continuous learning is a necessity. In essence, we were built for the future of work – that future just arrived a little faster than I expected.

What I’m passionate about is not only building a professional network that’s fit for a modern workforce but more importantly, a kind, inclusive, and values-driven alternative to existing social networks”. She said

Interesting reviews:

The Dots can help you make those all-important connections. It’s networking for the modern world” – Apple, App of the Day

“Google, Burberry, and M&C Saatchi use the site to find people for projects” – The Sunday Times

“Professional social networks have long been a mainstay of business, but what if you are more of a creative bent where LinkedIn looks pretty stuffy?” – TechCrunch

“The Next LinkedIn?” – Forbes

“The one thing that has gone right in 2020 is using The Dots for both my personal and business worlds. Our community has grown rapidly using the platform and it makes it super easy to connect with one another. As a Marketing Manager, I use all sorts of platforms to run events and provide content to our community. The Dots have been super supportive, versatile and definitely has the best interest of their community. I’ll be a huge fan for a long time to come! Highly recommend for people starting out to build your brand, connect with fellow dots members and find inspiration”

Denise Chippindale

If your target audience includes creatives, this is a platform you would want to get on for community building and brand awareness.



3 million users as at 2018

Reported  as the most downloaded social media site in 8 different countries by Forbes in 2018

Apple rating: 3.8

Vero is an ad-free, photo-sharing platform that works very much like Instagram. You can upload and edit pictures, choose who can see your posts, and classify your connections (the platform’s equivalent to friends) into acquaintances, friends, or close friends. Every time you publish a post, you’ll be able to select which groups will see it with a simple sliding bar. This gives you complete control over who you share with.

We wanted to build something that stood for something beyond a gimmicky, one-feature thing,” founder Ayman Hariri said. “We wanted it to be an extension of how you want to express yourself.”

“This app is truly amazing for anybody who wants to keep a tight circle of the social network. Which I use mainly for my family to share the social post. This brings me to my next part, you’re able to share different formats of media from photos to BOOKs! (If they add more options that would be truly amazing). All these are kept on collections to view separately for later on. You also have groups from close to further out like friends that you can share with”.


This site stands out from Instagram because it does not use an algorithm to rank its post. Contents on the platforms are shown in chronological order.  The platform plans to use a subscription model as a source of revenue but subscription is free for a limited time: join as a Founding Member now and your subscription is free for life.

If you’re looking for a social media network that’s like Instagram with fewer social media competitors for your marketing campaigns, Vero would be a perfect fit.

Social media is a crucial part of your marketing project, it doesn’t matter whether you run a small local shop or a multinational brand. In fact, 52 percent of social media marketers believe social media positively influences their company’s revenue and sales.

It provides immense potential for businesses, but you might also encounter some challenges in trying to keep up with the various social media platforms you’re on. But managing your social media presence does not have to be stressful.

Build a social media team and equip them with the right tools.

One tool that can help manage your social media marketing is A social media management platform that allows you to monitor all your social media accounts in one place.

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