Top 5 YouTube habits to adopt to double your subscribers in 2024
Top 5 YouTube habits to adopt to double your subscribers in 2024

In this era of digital YouTube is the second largest search engine. Getting more YouTube subscribers is every YouTuber’s goal. Growing channels is directly associated with subscribers and often is the major performance KPI. However many channels struggle since turning views into subscribers on YouTube isn’t that easy. To attract subscribers you need to develop and adopt the right habits. In this article, we will share the top 5 habits to adopt to double your YouTube subscribers.

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Why share video content on YouTube?

Nowadays video content is the leader in the digital world. It has revolutionized content creation beyond imagination. The ability to bring in more details and visual experience captivates audiences around the world. In addition, the rise of social media platforms is a key factor driving the growth of video content creation.

YouTube is the king platform for video content creation and sharing. There are about 1.86 billion Youtube users worldwide. Since 79% of internet users have a YouTube account, the total viewing time is roughly over 1 billion hours per day. This massive appeal makes YouTube a popular medium for entertainment and knowledge sharing. But beyond entertainment, the most interesting aspect is the rise of YouTube as a marketing tool.

YouTube user increase yearly

Why do YouTube subscribers matter?

The number of YouTube subscribers for a particular channel might seem like a vanity metric. However, in reality, it is very important from a video marketing perspective. Likewise, the number of YouTube views for a specific channel is a key metric for YouTube channel growth. If you’re an artist or video influencer, understanding the secret to growing your real YouTube subscribers is inevitable for success.

With more subscribers on YouTube, you reach more people on a regular basis, especially if they have notifications turned on. Opposed to fair-weather viewers, subscribers are loyal fans. They’ve likely seen a few videos and your content matched their interests and values closely enough that they chose to reward you by clicking “Subscribe”. 

Keeping close tabs on which videos garner the most subscribers over time will give you powerful insights into the type of content you should produce more of, and which is less likely to grow your subscriber count.

Top 5 YouTube habits to adopt to double your subscribers

Now let’s dive into the top 5 YouTube habits to adopt to grow your subscriber base, so you can reap the rewards of your own fanbase.

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1. Engage viewers to interact with you

In many ways, YouTube is a typical social media platform, and, like any other platform, you need to engage viewers to interact with you. Act in real-time, to the point, and sincerely. Make sure you reply to the comments, if needed create video responses, organize contests for the viewers, collaborate with other channels and brands. Communicating with viewers will provide an influx of viewers who will regularly return to your channel. Working with other brands will open up a new audience for you.

By the end of the video do not forget to tell viewers that a new video is coming out soon and it is worth subscribing so as not to miss it. In addition to the standard “Like the video and subscribe to the channel” phrase, ask viewers’ opinions inside the video. For example, you can ask the viewers to share in the comments their opinions on the topic of the video. The relevance of the video in the search engines directly depends on the number of comments. Therefore, the more the viewers are involved in communication, the more popular the video will be, and the more subscribers your channel will attract.

2. Allow people to embed your videos

When you upload a video to your channel, you can enable or disable embedding. Embedding allows internet users to repost your video to their website, blog, or channel – and it can serve as a great promoting tool for you. Make sure users credit your video every time it is used.

To enable embedding videos, go to the “Video Manager”, click “Edit” under the video you want to edit, and click the “Allow video embedding” checkbox in the advanced settings.

YouTube video embedding

After you’ve allowed embedding, it’s really easy for others to repost your video. All they need to do is click the “Share” button on your video, then copy and paste the link into their website. In addition, embedded videos improve the searchability of your content on search engines. 

3. Create custom thumbnails

In a social media world that is so competitive, you need to stand out and get noticed by the users. Your videos not only need to be noticed but be clicked on. How can you do that?

custom thumbnails creation

When your potential subscribers are surfing through search results and recommendations – custom thumbnails are the major part of how they decide what to watch. The thumbnail is critical in this decision so make sure to create a custom thumbnail that establishes what your video is about. Apart from featuring in YouTube’s search results, your custom thumbnail will also be used as the preview when someone embeds your video on their website or blog.

4. Group your videos into playlists

Playlists help users find your videos, they can raise your video in search results. Want more? The next video in the playlist starts automatically as soon as the previous one ends. Users need to make one click less to continue watching your content.

Grouping videos into playlists

Playlists also provide the opportunity to link additional keywords to videos. The playlist description can include new keywords and open up new search opportunities.

5. Be consistent in video release

Most people fail to create a successful YouTube channel due to inconsistency. At first, it is difficult to persist in your efforts when the video views are fewer. But the constant effort gradually attracts more viewers to your channel, which ultimately gives you a boost to your growth. 

Initially, most people come across your YouTube channel randomly. The key factor that turns casual viewers into your YouTube subscribers is consistency. Regularly posting new videos will convince your viewers that you are serious about your content.

Create a weekly calendar of topics for which you want to create a video. Set aside time according to this schedule and make sure you release the video at the agreed time. Eventually, it becomes a habit when your YouTube subscribers are also waiting for the video to be released.

Bonus tip: Analytics

Data is a very powerful tool. It shows the number of views, average watch time, etc. These metrics are important indicators of your channel’s growth. In addition, there are many analytical tools available. From choosing a title to placing keywords, these tools can take your videos to the next level. They also can make your videos easily searchable on the Internet. This can dramatically increase your YouTube subscribers. So use analytical tools wisely to grow your channel.

To sum up,

Creating a YouTube channel and just waiting for users to subscribe is not enough to be successful on the platform. You need to promote your channel to the best of your ability. We hope you can adopt these habits described in this article and comprehensively grow the number of YouTube subscribers.

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