Top 9 social media analytics & reporting tools in 2022
Top 9 social media analytics & reporting tools in 2022

Today we’ll talk about some of the best social media analytics tools. Analyzing and monitoring your business pages’ performance is impossible without the right automation software. However, with so many options available in the market, it might be challenging to choose the one to meet your business needs. 

From a technical standpoint, it is hard to build a product for everybody. Each social media analytics software has an ideal target audience in mind. Especially for global digital agencies and enterprises, it might take you an unnecessarily long time to understand which software you fall for as an ideal buyer persona. 

Since we’ve been operating in this industry for more than 6 years, we closely monitor the best solutions and their feature sets. Thus, we’d like to share our experience to equip your social media team with the right software. 

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What is social media analytics, and why is it so important? 

But first, let’s highlight the importance of analytics one more time.

With the explosion in the number of social media sites and the number of users worldwide being 3.484 billion (9% more than 2018!), it is now more important than ever to decipher the hidden info behind all your social media activities than it was in the early age of social media.

To find this hidden gem, you need to do some social media analysis and reporting. 

What is social media analytics? Social media analytics is a process of collecting, monitoring, analyzing, summarizing, and visualizing social media data to facilitate conversations and interactions while showing useful patterns and intelligence for you to create social media strategies, to understand your online campaign efforts, and to maintain a competitive advantage over other brands.

What is social media reporting? 

You can be rocking your social KPIs. However, your clients and higher management might not understand the logic behind all those numbers and graphs. 

Social media reporting is the art of explaining and presenting your successes and failures on social media. 

Although social media reports are usually associated with monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, growth of followers, posts per day, etc. In reality, there are more types of reports social media teams need to have a 360-degree analysis of their performance. 

  1. Conversation activity report/Social engagement report includes metrics such as average response time and period, the time distribution of replies, auto sentiment analysis of your engagement
  2. Social listening report includes metrics such as total brand mentions on social media, auto sentiment analysis of mentions, sources and their distribution, mention activity, etc. 
  3. Competitor analysis report includes metrics such as competitors’ followers’ growth, number of posts, types of posts, engagement rates, interaction types, number of comments/likes/shares/replies of published and deleted content.  

Best social media analytics and reporting tools and their pricing plans

Let’s check out our top 9 social media analytics and reporting tools list and find your future lifesaver.

Below we are comparing pricing plans with 3 users, 5 social media accounts. 

Although, it really isn’t the right way to compare the pricing plans. Please follow the link to a product that helps you to compare 150+ pricing plans from different solutions. Here is the link: 

Social media analytics toolsMonthly pricingYearly pricing$199$1,990
HootsuiteNot purchasable$1,548
Sprout Social$297$3,444
KeyholeCustom quoteCustom quote
NetbaseCustom quoteCustom quote


This one is our favorite because, duh! is a social media management solution suitable for digital agencies with big social media teams. 

Apart from regular scheduling tools, has multi-level access levels with view and edit permissions, a unified inbox for all social media engagement, and most importantly one of the most advanced analytics modules. social media management platform

Social Media Competitor Analysis lets you see all your selected competitors on one report which allows you to make more accurate decisions and keep track of your market trends. The tool allows you to compare up to 15 competitor pages at once, while you can add an unlimited number of competitor pages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Using the Analytics module, you can export instant reports of all accounts as PowerPoint or Excel files. 

With detailed fan, reach, and engagement analysis, you can increase your performance and develop a more engaging content strategy. Tooltips, team activity measurements, historical data, and much more are available here!

With its starting price of $99/month and the complimentary 14-day long free trial service, you might as well see why brands like WPP, Tribal Worldwide, Isobar, Ogilvy, ING Bank, and Havas prefer!

2. Hootsuite

If you’re not new to social media management, it’s impossible not to hear about Hootsuite. As one of the pioneers and a market leader for a very long time now, Hootsuite focuses on small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. With over 18 million users worldwide, it is the most widely used platform for managing social media.

Hootsuite social media analytics tools

Hootsuite has many features, from analytics to assignments to contacts to the app directory. You get an overview of key metrics, unlimited real-time reports, and team performance measurement with its analytics tool across all social platforms. From over 200 metrics, you customize reports and export them in PDF, Excel, or PPT formats.

By the way, Hootsuite University, which includes many tutorials and certificate programs, gives you extended lessons such as Social ROI and Value Analysis, Advanced Social Media Strategy, and training for specific sectors like health care, financial institutions, advocacy, and more.

With its starting price being $19.99 /mo and a 30-day free trial period, you might want to jump and see what it has to offer!

3. Buffer

Buffer has three main tools and many extensions to make your life as a social media manager.

If your main goal is to build your audience and grow your brand in the world of social media, you’ll need Buffer Publish. The tool lets you plan, schedule, and publish content for Instagram, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn on a straightforward dashboard. You get to work simultaneously with your teammates for approvals and revisions. With its starting price being $15 / Month for Pro, you can also pick either Premium or Business Plan depending on your team’s and brand’s needs.

Buffer social media analytics tools

Buffer Reply is preferred if you focus on customer service on social media. Checking inbox, answering questions has never been easy! On Buffer Reply, you can reply to all your social conversations and support requests across IG, Facebook, and Twitter from one collaborative team inbox. Plus, you can assign conversations to the right person on your team, see who else is viewing a conversation, and drop-down notes for your team to see for future reference. Automated and saved replies, shortcuts, and priority tagging are also super helpful. Buffer Reply gives you a comprehensive and extended report to see volume, response times, and your team’s productivity in CSV format to measure your customer service performance.

Buffer Analyze is their FB and IG analytics tool. To better understand your audience demographics, account analytics, story & post analytics, your ‘top’ posts, and more, Buffer Analyze is the way to go! Again on one single dashboard, you track your FB and IG performance and create reports.

4. Socialbakers

Socialbakers’ social media management tool analyzes your social channels. It benchmarks their performances, according to which you can create more original content, set better advertising strategies, make decisions based on their AI recommendations, calculate ROI, and predict future engagement.

With their Audience Analytics tool, you simplify your audience research with an AI-driven platform. You can post your social media channels from a straightforward interface and manage your content across multiple profiles in one collaborative calendar with your teammates. Within seconds, you will see suitable online persona profiles for your business based on your own digital and social media data. You are also set to see your audience evolve.

Socialbakers social media analytics

Content Analytics tool will help you to dive into AI-driven Content Hub to get insights and analysis from across all digital channels to help you create engaging and loving content. The Social Media Analytics tool will help you make FB to IG comparisons to see how your strategy compares to your main rival or top 10 look-a-like pages. Your report can be saved and shared in PPTX, XLS, or PDF formats.

Apart from their social media management and monitoring tools, they offer solutions in audience & influencer engagement, content intelligence, community management, and social media marketing suite.

5. Agora Pulse

Agorapulse’s Facebook Competitors Visual Report shows how engaged your fans are compared with others in your audience. You can also get a report of your contents and get a customizable CSV download for detailed analysis.

Agora Pulse

More features for social media reporting include community management and response time report; CSV file of the content report; customizable date ranges, Facebook ROI report, labeled content distribution report, PowerPoint download of global stats report of global content and competitor stats, report for Instagram Stories and more!

With over 17,000 social media managers using Agora Pulse daily, we find it easy, convenient, and enough for small/medium-size companies.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a platform with 5 modules: Analytics, Engagement, Publishing, Listening, Collaboration and Automation. Let’s focus on Analytics.

Sprout Social

Measure performance across channels and let your data tell the story with presentation-ready network, content, team, and productivity reports. It includes 18 different reports on activities like task reports, team reports, Facebook competitors reports, and more. By measuring the ROI of your paid activity, you’ll understand how your advertising budget impacts your company page growth by comparing paid versus organic impressions, and fans gained.

The pricing is $99 / Month / User for the most basic plan and includes 5 social profiles.

7. Keyhole

Via Keyhole, you build/strengthen your data systems with Keyhole’s Social Media Analytics and Media Monitoring API. Keyhole’s API lets you start fetching data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and tens of millions of news, blogs, and forum websites.

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The best way to know how your campaigns are performing is with hashtag analytics. Keyhole is the only hashtag tracking product that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict how hashtags will perform in the next day, week, and month. Keyhole uses Trend Analysis to show you which keywords are gaining traction, leading up time and time again in conversations, and which popular ones are losing steam. That being said, they help you predict the amount of engagement, reach and impressions it will get before it does so you can course-correct to reach your goal and know when you’re on track.

You can create shareable real-time dashboards with clients or download your report in PDF or CVS formats. Besides all these, Keyhole gives concrete solutions and insights than all other social media analytics tools such as competitive analysis, brand monitoring, influencer marketing, tracking, market research, event monitoring, etc. Mashable, Google, United Nations, L’Oreal, Ogilvy, and many more top brands use Keyhole.

8. Netbase

When it comes to Next Generation AI-powered analytics, we have to name Netbase. Social media intelligence (SMI or SOCMINT) represents the stack of technology solutions and methods used to monitor social media, including social conversations and emerging trends. This intelligence is then analyzed and used to create meaningful content and make business decisions across many disciplines.

Netbase social media analytics

Social Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze social conversations online and determines deeper context as they apply your relevant topics, brands, and themes. Its net sentiment score and the brand passion index show how users feel about your brand and compare it across your competitors. Thus, as a brand, you evaluate your brand’s health, deal with any crises safer and earlier and understand the competition.

Social media analytics report gives you all the social metrics, social media listenings, audience analysis, competitive analysis, Social Sentiment analysis, and social media monitoring services.

Image analytics and customer experience analytics are also available within the platform. Global brands like Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, and Yum! use this tool to track conversations around their brands on social and make important marketing decisions.

9. Brand24

Brand24 social media analytics

Brand24 features a web-based dashboard that shows real-time insights and provides detailed statistics about your content and audience.

With its automated sentiment analysis, they use advanced sentiment detection to segment positive, negative, and neutral mentions, and you get your instant alert notification. And with mention analytics, you get to see who is talking about your brand online and insights about them.

You can turn your data into automated PDF reports, .xls files, and infographics.

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