How Can You Lift Instagram Shadowban? – Free Shadowban Tester

How Can You Lift Instagram Shadowban? – Free Shadowban Tester

Have you noticed that your follower count is inexplicably dropping, your engagement is mysteriously low, or your photos are not appearing in the hashtags? If so, we are here to unveil the enigma: You are, unfortunately, shadowbanned by Instagram. Here is an article that will help you to lift Instagram shadowban.

Instagram shadowban has been part of our reality for a while now. Still, the social media giant is adamant about keeping the shadowbanned user in the dark: No notifications are given about the issue. 

If you are of a shadowban victim or want to know more about this debilitating measure, keep reading! We will explain what shadowban is, why Instagram introduced it, how you can avoid it, and how you can lift it.

  1. How Can You Lift Shadowban?
  2. What Causes An Instagram Shadowban?
  3. Few Tips to Avoid the Shadowban
  4. How To Find If You’re Shadowban
  5. How To Remove Instagram Shadowban?

How Can You Lift Shadowban?

Instagram shadowbans account

The term shadowbanning has been around since 2006. It has many aliases (ghost banning, stealth banning, comment ghosting, hell banning). It refers to the practice of limiting the content created by a specific user so that it will not be seen and/or interacted by others. The social media giant Instagram is known to use this feature since 2017, yet they haven’t released an official statement commenting on or confirming their shadowban use.

On Instagram, shadowbanning means that your content will not appear anyone’s feed if they are not already a follower of you. In other words, shadowban on Instagram aims to limit the visibility of the content created by you in a way that hinders your account from being discovered by new users and gaining new followers. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, though. We will also explain how you can avoid shadowban in the following sections!

What Causes An Instagram Shadowban?

Why Instagram shadowban business accounts?

Simply put, a violation of Instagram’s terms of use results in the shadowban. In other words, Instagram aims to limit the exposure of certain content. With the practice of shadowbanning, Instagram can filter out the accounts that fail to comply with its standards and terms of use. From their perspective, such a rule makes sense since it allows Instagram to ensure a certain quality and community standard without agitating the user.

Using automated bots for higher follow and like counts, adding hundreds of irrelevant hashtags, or sharing abusive content can result in a shadowban.

Few Tips to Avoid the Shadowban

Tips to avoid the Instagram shadowban

At this point, you must have noticed how annoying Instagram’s shadowban can be and how it can cripple your account’s engagement and growth. If you want to make sure that you don’t get shadowbanned by Instagram, pay attention to a few points we discussed below.

Overall, all you need to do is making sure that you comply with the terms and conditions put forward by Instagram. If you are a responsible and conscious user of the platform, you do not need to worry about the shadowban.

1. Don’t Use Banned Or Broken Hashtags On Your Posts

Banned or broken hashtags on Instagram cause Shadowban

One of the essential points to consider to avoid the shadowban is not using banned or broken hashtags on your posts. Instagram employs shadowban to ensure that the content that violates the community standards or terms of use is limited. That is why they overtly ban specific hashtags. If you use such banned hashtags or broken hashtags on your post, it is very highly possible that you will get a shadowban.

2. Avoid Big Surges In Your Instagram Activity

What is Instagram shadowban?

In other words, make sure that your engagement and growth is organic. Try not to like tens of hundreds of pictures in only a few hours, don’t spam comment on other accounts, don’t squeeze hundreds of new follows in a brief period, and strictly avoid employing inorganic growth methods. 

When you gain a thousand followers in 2 hours to your account with 100-something, or when you post 500 comments in a single hour, you attract the attention of Instagram algorithms, and it is almost certain that you get a shadowban. That is why you need to avoid sudden and big surges in your Instagram activity.

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3. Avoid Being Reported By Other Users

When other users report you for violating Instagram’s terms of use, it is very likely that you get a shadowban. Don’t worry, though, and only a few reports cannot land you a shadowban, it must be a relatively more significant number. Yet make sure that you are not systemically reported.

How To Find If You’re Shadowban

How to discover if you are shadowbaned by Instagram?

Shadowban sounds very bad, but how can you know if you have it? It is straightforward, actually. All you need to do is to gather a few users that don’t follow you. Use a small hashtag on one of your recent posts and ask those users if they can see your content in that specific hashtag. If the answer is yes, there is nothing to worry about. If the answer is no, you probably are shadowbanned. Don’t worry, though. There are many ways to lift it!

How To Remove Instagram Shadowban?

If you have been shadowbanned by Instagram, your engagement rates drop dramatically. You don’t gain new followers, nor are you able to reach new people. It is as terrible as it sounds! Yet don’t be upset now. Some practices help you lift your shadowban. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Back off from posting for a couple of days

How to avoid Instagram Shadowban?

If you are shadowbanned, the best thing you can do is backing off from posting for a few days. Limiting the activity of your account significantly hastens the process. 

Meanwhile, you can be online, exploring what other people posted or even commenting and liking new posts. Just don’t post your own content for a while. 

If you want to make sure that your shadowban is lifted as soon as possible, try taking a 48-hour break from the platform. Don’t use Instagram even for messaging during these 48 hours. When you return, your shadowban may be lifted since a full 48-hour break can reset the system.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

How to bypass Instagram Shadowban?

Limit your use of hashtags. Don’t overcrowd your posts with hundreds of hashtags as this alerts Instagram’s algorithm and implies that you are spamming. Choose a few hashtags that are relevant to your post and don’t use more than 30 hashtags per post. Also, make sure that you include hashtags in the caption. Don’t put them in the comments even though making so allows your posts to appear sharp and clean.

3. Contact Instagram

How to stay away Instagram Shadowban?

When in doubt, the best thing you can do is to contact Instagram. Maybe they have made a mistake! Use the “Report a Problem” feature on the app and let them know that you are having trouble.