How to check and view Instagram messages on PC?
How to check and view Instagram messages on PC?

Let’s admit it! We all loved it when Instagram finally brought its Direct Messages Feature to desktop computers, aka PC and web browsers for all users worldwide. It used to be quite annoying to use the phone every time in order to check, view, and respond to DM’s, and now; let alone accessing DM’s on PC, we are even able to start group chats, share photos, and double-tap to react to responses!

We cannot start a video or an audio call through DMs on PC yet, but we are sure that will happen pretty soon as well because Instagram’s parent company; Facebook, does prioritize private messaging across all of its platforms.

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Without further ado; here’s how to check and view Instagram messages on PC:

  • Go to and log into your account on any web browser on your PC or laptop.
  • On the upper-right side, find the icon that looks exactly like the logo of Facebook Messenger. It should be next to the home, notification, and the + icon.
instagram profile page on PC
  • Click on it to bring up your Direct Messages. Here you can now view and respond to your precious DM’s.
Instagram Messaging on PC
  • Once you click on a message you want to view, your private conversation appears on the right side. From here; you can simply respond to a message, react to them by clicking on the emoji icon next to the message, and even take your reaction emoji down, forward, copy or unsend the message by clicking on the 3 dots (…) icon. The arrow icon in the middle will let you reply to a specific message in your conversation.
Instagram Direct Messaging on PC
  • If you need to start a new conversation; all you need to do is to click on the notebook icon next to your profile name on the left side of the screen. Then just type in who you’d like to address. If you’d like to start a new group chat, just keep typing in the names and you’re all set to go. 
new messages on instagram pc

How to manage Instagram Dms for social media marketing teams?

Although the Instagram desktop version can save a lot of time. Unfortunately, it is non-collaborative and allows you to manage only 1 account at a time.

Let me introduce you to Dashboard and Mobile App?

Available for both iOS and Android; you can download the app and get access to our desktop-level social media management dashboard. Not only can you curate, approve, preview, and schedule your posts on Instagram; you can also communicate with your clients via direct messages. We have recently launched our Instagram Messaging feature on the desktop and mobile versions and our customers have been loving it!

Via Instagram Messages feature you can send and receive your direct messages as text, photo, video, and stickers from one team inbox. Just as you’d do if you logged in to via desktop, also lets you react as emojis. It simplifies replying to post comments with private messages as well. I’d say it now looks easier than ABC, huh?

Before I go; here is one bonus article for you: Read up on this article about how you can automate your Instagram messages engagement via! 

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