Data Security secures your social media data with its infrastructure and technical solutions.

SSL uses the encryption standards used in banking. Your data is transferred to our servers by being encrypted via SSL and transferred back to you with another encryption.

Penetration / Security Test is regularly subjected to security tests by security firms. Possible risks that are detected during these tests are quickly eliminated by team. All precautions that are required for the safety of your data are taken.

Data Backup

Your data is constantly stored in the backup system for any possible problems.

2 Step Authentication

You could activate 2 step authentication by using Google Authenticator application and make your account more secure. You could use 2 step authentication as a supplemental security with the code which is generated via the mobile application in your phone.

User Passwords realizes necessary checks to ensure that the users’ passwords are strong enough. In case of repetitive failed login attempts, the user account is automatically blocked.

User Access

Only the users that are invited by the administrators could access your accounts. The administrators could grant any authorisations / roles to the users.

Page Access Key Information

The access key (token) information we receive from you for the pages you’ve defined to is encrypted in the database.