Scheduling alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer
Scheduling alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer

Every social media marketing specialist has dealt with the problem of finding the right social media scheduling platform. It takes lots of research to find one. Some specialists even ask advice from their peers on Q&A platforms to make sure they are informed about all the available options.

Buffer and Hootsuite have long been market leaders but now that lots of alternatives are available, social media management specialists are looking for better ways to schedule their posts.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 best alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduling. Of course, there are more than five alternatives as there are lots of scheduling tools. But the more options you have the more difficult it becomes for you to make a final decision. This is why we went the extra mile, checked out more than 25 alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer, and chose the best ones. So keep reading.

These are the 5 alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduling:

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1. TweetDeck

Twitter decided not to be out of competition – if this is your main marketing platform, Twitter suggests scheduling your posts with their own scheduler.
TweetDeck is quite handy for Twitter management. You get your direct messages, mentions, feed-in one screen. You can schedule your tweets and get suggestions on the best timing.


The downside is that you don’t have advanced scheduling options as you would with a social media management platform. Also, if you use other platforms like Facebook and Instagram,  you can’t schedule all your posts in bulk as TweetDeck takes care of Twitter scheduling only.

2. HubSpot CRM

If your website is built on HubSpot, you can use HubSpot CRM to manage your social media scheduling. Apart from scheduling, you will be able to check mentions, analyze the performance, and a lot more. With it, you can manage contacts, emails, and new leads.

HubSpot CRM is mainly for customer relationships and sales but HubSpot has a social media section that comes with a price tag. But if you are using other services and tools from HubSpot, managing social media through their platform will make your job easier.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot will give you all the analytics information about your visitors, clicks, subscribers, engagement, best-performing posts, and so on. You can schedule the same post to several social media platforms at once – without wasting time. If you use Instagram, HubSpot will let you know whenever the image size is not suitable for this platform.

3. Agorapulse

Scheduling social media posts with Agorapulse is easy. You can assign tasks, schedule posts, and manage performance. You will also get notifications once someone comments or mentions you on a post.

You will get access to unlimited scheduling and bulk scheduling. But the plans start from $79 – if you can afford it, you will get the benefits of easy scheduling.

Hootsuite and buffer alternatives- AgoraPulse

Agorapulse enables you to add evergreen content to a queue and reshare it. So if a piece of content performs well, you will save time on scheduling and will have your content reshared. After gathering one-month data from you, AgoraPulse suggests the best times to post on each of your social media channels. A good scheduling alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer? Yes, if you have the budget.

4. Slack Social

This social media scheduling platform seems to be underrated. This might be because of the “Not Secure” sign as Slack Social doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Slack Social offers a free plan which includes unlimited social profiles. However, you can’t schedule more than ten posts per day. Besides scheduling posts, you can get email reports, categorize your profiles or pages, white labeling for Facebook, easy profile management.

Hootsuite and buffer alternatives- SlackSocial

This alternative supports 5 platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Tumblr. So if you use Instagram too, you won’t be able to schedule posts through Slack Social. Other plans will enable you to copy and repost, comment on Facebook through the platform, graphical analysis, and some other features.

5. is really flexible when it comes to social media management. Not only can you schedule posts and monitor engagement but also you will be able to analyze competitors to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Apart from scheduling, enables you to send the content for administrator approval, work on a joint schedule with your team. You can simultaneously publish to the platforms you choose – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. What’s more, you can export your report in different formats.

Hootsuite and buffer alternatives- has very adjustable pricing options for big teams, starting at 99 USD/month. Besides, there is no hidden cost in Sociality which makes you surprised at the end of the day. Enjoy the more reliable and transparent social media management experience!

There is no other scheduling platform that offers more flexibility than does. You can change your plan any time you want. What’s more exciting is that you can even add or drop services during your subscription. Just make sure to check out the Terms of Service page or simply contact the team through the website live chat.

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As you can see, there are good scheduling alternatives to Hootsuite and Buffer. All you need to do is to check the pricing, make sure the tool is budget-friendly and without any hidden costs. More importantly, the social media scheduling tools should meet all your requirements. For example,  if a tool doesn’t support scheduling to one of the social media platforms you use, you will waste time using two schedulers. Give the scheduling alternatives a try and see if they are a good alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer for you.

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