Thanksgiving! Best customer-inspired social media content ideas to save the day
Thanksgiving! Best customer-inspired social media content ideas to save the day

Still undecided on your seasonal content plan? Don’t worry, we got your back. We have a couple of ideas to brighten your holiday campaigns for social media, especially Thanksgiving content ideas.

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During the festive season, people increase social media usage by searching for gifts and shopping ideas. Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to boost engagement and promote your product or service. According to Jenn Deering-Davis, co-founder of Union metrics, the optimal time to start your holiday marketing is about three weeks before Thanksgiving. 

There are a few things that business owners might consider to stay on the competitive track during the festive period and even boost their achievements. Work through our suggested tactics and bring to your business the celebration it deserves.

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Memorable video 

Why don’t you adapt the fastest-growing advertising format to attract a bigger audience? Creating a touchy video that delivers a festive vibe will reward you with a great reach. 

The video types listed below have a great potentiality to become highly shareable during the season: 

1. Thanksgiving commercial  

A family-oriented commercial is the best choice to represent the Thanksgiving spirit. Try to create an emotional story that features a family gathering for the feast. Think of the proper soundtrack that can increase the emotional effect and therefore commit the video to memory.  

Don’t forget to brand your video by adding a corporate logo or watermark. In case the other pages spread your video, the viewers will be able to find the original source.  

2. Thank you message 

The customers are the most valuable asset a company has. So why not record a video with thanks to the people who make financial and commercial benefits to your business. Such videos deliver a friendly attitude and are easy to create. 

It’s a good idea to end the video with bits of humor if it aligns with your corporate branding. The videos, containing a native tone, show that you work to bring your audience not only products or services but a special mood to enjoy. Just make sure that your message is sincere! 

3. Creative animations and stock videos 

If you are short on time and budget for shooting, don’t worry. Stock video clips will help you to create a professional-looking video. Free stock footage sites like Pixels allow you to download videos without watermark. And simple online editors like Canva will equip you with various templates to make a nice video. 

4. Themed tutorials 

Yet, another great way to engage your audience and attract new visitors. What can be more visually pleasing than the seasonal decorating and pumpkin pie-making processes – we do crave it all. Share your tips and tricks for Thanksgiving activity; videos about recipes and decor can easily turn viral during the season. For instance, “Vegan Thanksgiving recipes” is highly engaging content, but remember to answer direct messages and comments. Overall whatever you shoot, it is a good idea to incorporate some autumn colors and decor pieces. 

Utilize user-generated content

If you lack resources and ideas to produce themed content, run a holiday contest. Ask your audience to take a photo/video with your product or record a customer testimonial for a chance to win a prize. 

Also, you can ask your audience to share their Thanksgiving wish lists or traditional recipes with you. For others, set polls to vote for the recipes gathered from your audience. 

In addition, design your venue with all the supposed thanksgiving decor elements and make visitors boast a photo that they made there. 

This will give you content to use in your holiday campaign and for your followers a community feeling. Moreover, it will organically accelerate your engagement rate (ER) and bring positive associations with your brand.

However, to maintain a customer-satisfying conversation, you might need social media engagement features to make things more streamlined. Learn here how to stay connected with your audience.

Thanksgiving content ideas - Starbucks example
Retrieved from @Starbucks

Offer fall deals

During the holiday season, a lot of people with zeal are on the lookout for special offers and discounts. Offers and discounts encourage people to shop ‘in time’, which increases their impulsive purchases. Thus, spreading the word about special offers in the pre-Thanksgiving weeks is a great tactic to grab people’s attention. 

The Last-Minute Thanksgiving-focused campaign stimulates potential buyers to chase beneficial deals during a limited period. You can announce super short deadlines to lure your customers into buying from you. For that scheme, remember to offer something lucrative they won’t resist. 

It is worth pairing special offers with ads – such a combination within the shopping season enhances the reach. And you will get a lot more sales in a shorter amount of time. 

Sale for the Thanksgiving

Also, you can apply a channel-specific deals strategy. This means that you are offering promo-code discounts exclusive to a particular audience on one of your social media platforms. Channel-specific deals get your audience to interact with your brand in a way that involves special attention to your pages. 

For instance, if you own a restaurant you surely know that a great number of people will likely search for a «Thanksgiving dinner near me.» So, to satisfy the needs of your target audience, think about creating a special Thanksgiving menu that would include dishes like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and themed drinks. You can also get even more creative with a healthy side. Having that, you can design a thematic brunch and invite your customers via social media to try your special meals for special prices. However, not everyone!

Post an offer only to one of your social media platforms, for example, Instagram. Hence, the offer will work only for a particular audience and generate new followers and visitors.  

Post an offer for Thanksgiving
Retrieved from @sweetcultura and  @peabodymemphis

Run giveaways

Thanksgiving is the right time to reciprocate the audience’s affection and give back. It is also the perfect time for interactive marketing. Provide your followers a chance to nail their Thanksgiving tablescape by offering nice and generous gifts. Oh! Don’t forget about special wrappings, so your winners can make a photo with them and tag you. 

Think about a prize that resonates with your client’s interests, make the conditions easy and fun. And bear in mind the most popular Thanksgiving giveaway post ideas are:

  • Discounts 
  • Gift basket
  • Turkey dinner
  • Decor attributes
  • Kitchen tools

Hosting a giveaway during the holiday will improve your traffic and eventually land you new customers prior to one of the biggest shopping times of the year. 

Thanksgiving content ideas - Giveaway
Retrieved from @bitesofvancouver


Although video, contests, and giveaways stand out during the festive season, don’t forget about simple content to keep the Thanksgiving vibe and interests around your brand. Thematic visuals, texts, posts, styled with autumn mood: every detail that enhances the atmosphere, is helping to attract the attention of an average customer. 

We know you’ll be overwhelmed by so many things to do and control. So we highly recommend you learn the tools and strategies for successful content curation outlined in this article.

1. History and memories

Historical facts are the easiest way to drive Thanksgiving anticipation and engagement rate (ER). 

Does everyone know the origin story behind the holiday? Why did the pilgrims come to America? How did Thanksgiving become a national holiday? You can contribute to the audience’s understanding of the meaning behind Thanksgiving. We promise such posts will quickly become sharable. 

Or, if you don’t want to preach—tell your stories instead, you can tell how your team celebrates Thanksgiving or even share your mini traditions. Try to run conversations with your followers by asking their cool Thanksgiving stories, and you’ll see how high engagement is in your metrics. 

History and memories related social media posts for thanksgiving

2. Aesthetics

Aesthetic visuals really matter on social media. During such a pretty season, keep your feed visually consistent with the beauty of life and the world we live in.

In the lead-up to Thanksgiving, consider posting content that illustrates coziness and beautiful autumn nature around it. You can take some inspiring fall photos, celebration images, nice pictures of your team and your clients, and your decorated shop or office. Or download high-quality pictures from stocks. 

Thanksgiving content ideas - aesthetics
Retrieved from @frenchcountrycottage

For example, this beautiful photo was posted by an influencer Courtney Allison, who leads an inspirational blog. In this particular case, she collaborates with a luxurious decor shop Balsam Hill. Her blog post provides her audience with several ideas for a harvest Thanksgiving table decor and a coupon code for a limited time to buy this beautiful turkey centerpiece from Balsam Hill. Do you see how the charming and high-quality photo sells itself via a screen? The post brings the audience to her blog website and the shop. Moreover, such a strong aesthetic generates reach and engagement in comments.

Check our ultimate guide on how to turn your Instagram layout stylish here

3. Captions 

Sure, aesthetics are great and yet we have a better suggestion for all the creative and inspiring pages across the social media environment. Use seasonal jargon when writing captions to force the mood. If you really want to up your themed-content game, go for words such as harvest, settlers, pilgrims, gobble, cornucopia, and mayflower. 

 Or just pick pre-arranged captions. Here are some of the Thanksgiving quotes you might want to play with:

  • Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving. – W.T. Purkiser
  • Let’s talk turkey!
  • Stuffing is the glue that holds my family together.
  • Who’s not hungry at Thanksgiving? The turkey because it’s already stuffed.
  • Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.
  • Together is a beautiful place to be.
  • Happiness is homemade.
  • An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.
  • “Good mashed potato is one of the great luxuries of life.”
Thanksgiving content ideas - pre arranged captions

Also, you can create an engagement by asking questions like: 

  • What’s your must-have Thanksgiving side dish?
  • Who cooks your Thanksgiving Dinner?
  • How was your previous Thanksgiving Dinner?  
  • Share your Thanksgiving tradition?

4. What to do suggestions 

People get perplexed about what’s open and when. So you can help people by providing them with “Go out ideas.” Do the research and then plan something entertaining for your audience, and you’ll see how it will impact your reach. All you need is to make a selection of fun places and the opening and closure times. 

In addition, remember it’s the shopping season. Provide shopping and gift ideas for your audience. Create selections such as “ Cheapest products for Thanksgiving dinner,” “Limited table thanksgiving decor”, etc. This always lures people who want to save time and who need creative help. This strategy is extremely popular and promises to raise loyalty among followers.

5. Share your schedule

Make people’s craziness about the holiday to be beneficial for your business. Within the holiday hysteria, people want to plan everything in advance. So, let them know what special things you are planning to offer, and therefore you will attract that festive stir around your brand. It can be a calendar of special events or a list of goods you intend to discount. 

Share your Schedule for thanksgiving
Retrieved from @roamingtravelers

6. Fundraising  

Think about those who don’t have as much as you to be thankful for. Whether you provide education that can help people learn something new or sell a product/service that can enhance people’s lives, it can always benefit someone else. Thanksgiving is the ideal time to do some charity or donate part of your profits to a worthy cause. You can do it yourself, or you can invite your audience to participate! Thus you’ll be rewarded with an excellent social media performance and brand credibility. 

Thanksgiving content ideas - fundraising
Retrieved from @obrolabs

Create valuable text-post

Yes, frankness is still a thing! Write something touching about the intangible things in life you are thankful for. Invite your audience to reflect and think, in comments, about this year and what they are most thankful for. It’s indeed a great way to generate more engagement in your pages!

Thanksgiving content ideas - valuable text and post
Retrieved from @a.rogue.librarian

The day itself!

You have our top tips for running a successful Thanksgiving social media campaign with Thanksgiving content ideas. Don’t neglect the details that can make or break your brand image. And keep in mind; nowadays, nothing sells better on social media than humor and sincerity. 

And after all, don’t forget the day itself! Think about a fun way to commemorate Thanksgiving 2021 with your audience. 

P.S. It is definitely worth promoting your actions during this time. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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