How to find digital marketing solutions that work for your business
How to find digital marketing solutions that work for your business

Regardless of the industry you are operating in, you will need digital marketing solutions to stand out and engage with your customers. These tools can undoubtedly help you save time and make life easier! With a plethora of digital marketing solutions available, the question is, which tools should you consider to take your business to the next level? 

We have compiled a list of digital marketing solutions with key features that can take away mundane tasks from your hand, so you can focus on growing the business. So, let us dive in! 

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What are digital marketing solutions?

Digital marketing solutions are specialized tools that help you automate repetitive activities, enhance the existing skills of your team, improve collaboration, and scale up the right digital strategies for your business. 

Regardless of your objective, digital marketing solutions can help you do multiple tasks at once—managing your social media presence, optimizing your content, making your email campaigns successful, converting leads to customers, managing customer relationships, utilizing market opportunities, optimizing your budgets, and much more! 

Primarily, we can divide digital marketing solutions under the following categories: 

  • Social media management tools with competitive intelligence
  • Community management tools
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tools 
  • Content management and content marketing tools
  • Lead enrichment tools
  • Landing page and lead capture tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Conversion rate optimization tools

Social media management tools (with competitive intelligence)

Social media marketing is a priority for today’s businesses. With multiple channels and platforms to manage, you want to make sure that you publish not only relevant content for your audience regularly but also gain actionable insights into your potential customers and competition. 

You would also want to make meaningful conversations, address concerns and acknowledge feedback to manage customer relationships. With so much to do at the right place and the right time, you would surely need social media management tools.

There is a reason we are at the top! One of the popular and emerging social media management tools,, automates and streamlines various tasks. 

Key features: 


Key features: 

  • Marketing personas for content planning and budgeting
  • Schedule and publish on various channels
  • Social listening to know trends and your audience
  • Identify influencers; monitor influencer marketing campaigns
  • -Perform sentiment analysis 
  • Simplified reports on performance metrics


Key features: 

  • Schedule and publish social media content
  • Manage and share reviews and opinions in real-time 
  • Real-time audience insights 
  • Boost posts, manage paid ads, and track performance
  • Custom performance reports
  • Allow sharing of curated content by employees on their networks 

You can also explore paid and free plans of different social media management tools here

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Community management tools 

Community management is an effective way to engage with your audience on digital platforms to make lasting connections and improve brand loyalty. It includes social listening, responding to comments, building and nurturing online forums and communities, and much more. 

Community management helps increase your loyal customers as well as promote word-of-mouth marketing, and you need the right tools to make this an integral part of your social media strategy. Engage module

Community management tools 

Key features: 

  • Unified inbox for all social platforms
  • Reply with pre-crafted responses and moderate your pages
  • Oversee conversation logs, assignment times, first reply times, and closing times
  • Allocate owners by routing messages, replies, comments, and mentions to the right person
  • Organize and define access permissions
  • Tag coworkers and share knowledge by sending internal notes 

Keyhole – Brand monitoring

Key features: 

  • Access direct and indirect mentions of the brand, brand keywords and hashtags across social media, forums, news articles, blogs, etc. 
  • Use customized engagement recommendations to increase engagement
  • Use social listening data to know your audiences


Key features: 

  • Access brand mentions across social platforms, blogs, forums, news, podcasts, reviews, videos, etc. 
  • Instant alerts for negative mentions 
  • Sentiment detection to differentiate positive, negative and neutral mentions
  • Track and engage in online conversations 

You can learn more about community management tools here

Search engine optimization (SEO) tools

SEO tools are an important part of digital marketers’ arsenal. These tools help in optimization and improving the visibility of your content by supporting your keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink opportunities, and much more!

Google Search Console

Key features: 

  • Overview of how your website appears in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), including information on total clicks, position, keyword ranking, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), etc.
  • Identify the queries you are ranking for 
  • Know issues on your website and identify URLs that need to be fixed
  • Identify removals, sitemaps, and disavow files
  • Can be used in conjunction with Google Keyword Planner and Google Adword


Key features:

  • One-stop SEO tool
  • Audit your website and optimize it for better performance 
  • Track the performance as you work on the ranking of your pages and get keyword ranking alerts
  • Identify keywords that your audiences are looking for and know your keyword click distributions 
  • Analyze your competitors 
  • Analyze for backlinks to identify growth or decline 


Key features:

  • Perform site audit 
  • Gain insights on competitors’ referring domains and the keywords they are ranking for, traffic sources, organic results, SERP features, etc. 
  • Identify backlink opportunities
  • Get detailed keyword analysis and volume trend, competition level, SERP features, etc. for every keyword
  • Get keyword suggestions for using match types 

Content management or content marketing tools

Content marketing is a powerful strategy to showcase your expertise and domain authority, improve brand visibility in search engines, increase traffic to the site, and much more. Content marketing tools can help you streamline your overall content strategy, improve the quality of the content created, and support your search for topics as per your marketing and sales funnel. 


Key features:

  • Generate content ideas based on trends, topics, forums, etc. 
  • Explore billions of articles for content research and meaningful insights 
  • Find influencers based on the content they are most likely to share 
  • Track competitors’ content based on the domain
  • Discover high-demand keywords 
  • Analyze the subheadings, structure, and content of high-performing top-ranking headlines 


Key features:

  • Streamline your content marketing strategy with progress updates and internal communication
  • Prioritize tasks using Trello’s boards, lists, and cards
  • Make use of task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, and calendars to improve productivity


Key features:

  • One of the most popular tools for publishing content, blogging, and creating a portfolio
  • Use customizable templates and multiple plug-ins to enhance your content creation
  • Insert text, photos, forms, testimonials, maps, Yelp reviews, etc. in your content
  • Its plug-in Yoast SEO helps improve and optimize the content for better search engine visibility 

Lead enrichment tools

Lead enrichment tools help you save time and resources by helping you find complete relevant information about your leads, including social media accounts, professional portfolio, location, demographics, etc., using just their email id.

This means you have a better understanding of your leads and are able to get in touch with them after they have shown interest in your website (business). 


Key features:

  • Create an up-to-date profile of prospects by using hundreds of sources including Salesforce and other platforms
  • Use data enrichment insights to understand, qualify, and funnel your leads
  • Automatic update when any change is detected in the information
  • Shorten lead forms, improving lead form conversions
  • Personalize marketing campaigns and communication with precise lead data


Key features:

  • Get accurate B2B contact information using the Chrome extension
  • Access contact information such as email address, mobile number, direct dial, etc. from LinkedIn profiles and company websites
  • Tag contacts and companies easily to create segmented lists


Key features:

  • Identify your website visitors, including the names of the company, their behavior, what they are viewing, etc. 
  • Discover high potential leads by using its custom to score and qualify leads
  • Filter and identify decision-makers and get their email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile
  • Integrate it easily with your CRM and marketing automation tools

Landing page and lead capture tools 

You may not want to lose customers when they visit your website. That is what exactly lead capture tools do. These tools help you insert and implement forms, live chat, meeting links, etc. on the website, so you do not miss the opportunity for high-quality lead generation.

Landing page and lead capture tools - formsapp

Key features:

  • AI form generator for easy creation of surveys, forms, and quizzes
  • +4000 ready-made templates 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Signature and payment collection
  • Direct and third-party integrations with popular tools 


Key features: 

  • Especially for e-commerce players
  • Use personalized pop-ups (conversational, ebook, win-a-gift, etc.) with targeted messages to guide your website visitors 
  • Show or recommend them relevant products or the best deals to increase conversion
  • Promote special offers or free shipping bars
  • Display secondary offers to decrease cart abandonment 
  • Track performance of campaigns 


Key features:

  • Create forms, quizzes, and surveys for your visitors
  • Use custom layouts and themes with a sleek interface to move away from traditional pop-ups
  • Track responses and completion rates in custom reports 

Email marketing tools 

A successful email marketing campaign not only helps nurture your leads but also increases conversion. Through email marketing, you can stay in touch with your customers, keep them updated on new developments, offers, or launches, and build long-lasting meaningful relationships. That is why you need the right email marketing tools to streamline, monitor, and track your campaign efforts. 


Key features: 

  • Create personalized email newsletters campaigns, landing pages, forms, etc. 
  • Make email interactive and interesting by using responsive email templates and videos
  • Develop email campaigns specific to your audience using advanced automation features and segmentation
  • Measure the performance of your campaigns using real-time reporting and analytics tools 


Key features: 

  • Specialized tool for email marketing, segmentation, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and automation
  • Create personalized email campaigns using the library of templates
  • Use dynamic blocks in the content editor for product recommendations, discount codes, etc. 
  • Build audience segments that you can include or exclude from your campaigns
  • Track your campaign performance 

Conversion rate optimization tools

If you are finding it difficult to convert visitors to your site, then this is the tool for you. These tools can help you capitalize on low-hanging opportunities to boost your sales.


Key features: 

  • Visualize your user behavior (heatmap) on the website using live playbacks to see mouse movements, clicks, rage clicks, etc. 
  • Use a real-time suggestion box to get feedback from your visitors
  • Create targeted surveys to better understand your users 


Key features: 

  • Build landing pages, popups, and sticky bars easily 
  • Tweak and publish landing pages for A/B testing with smart optimization features
  • Use different types of landing pages and templates to get the result you want (form-based landing pages, landing pages that sell, etc.)
  • Track performance of the variants to identify the performing campaigns 


Key features: 

  • One of the sought-after tools for A/B testing for multi-page experiments 
  • Use targeted messaging and personalized offers, and get recommendations on the content that is relevant to your audiences
  • Use it for multi-variant testing on any channel or device

Final words 

Digital marketing solutions can definitely make the life of digital marketers easier when chosen and implemented correctly. You won’t need all solutions at once to make your marketing strategy work. That is why it is important to identify your objective and need to choose the right digital marketing solutions for your business. You can choose from a plethora of social media management tools, community management tools, email marketing tools, or lead generation tools to streamline your tasks and improve productivity! 

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