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Mehmet Keçili
Head of Analytics VMLY&R Turkey

VMLY&R Turkey a member of WPP - Success Story

We recently met with Mehmet Keçili, the Head of Analytics at the result-oriented transformational experience agency VMLY&R Turkey. Apart from taking care of the digital activities of some of the industry leaders like Vodafone, Burger King, and Pharmaton; VMLY&R is also the agency behind the companies such as Türkiye İş Bankası, Grundig Turkey, Koç Ailem, Migros, and Karaca.

With the help of, we increased the engagement rate of one of our customers by 2.5 times within a 6 months period. Thanks to the simplicity of Reports, the customer easily understood the data and invested even more in the brand.

We talked about, the future of the social media industry, and their success at increasing the engagement rate of their brand by 2.5 times within a 6 months period by using our platform 🙂

In his 5th year as an analyst, one of the rarest and most valuable positions in the social media industry, Mehmet has been using for more than 20 brands at the moment.

Stating that their main goal as an agency is to make result-oriented storytelling by extracting real meanings from the data obtained from digital; he believes that digital returns are his key data, and making meaning from these data is the essence of his job.

No more complex metrics

We asked Mehmet which feature differentiates from other social media management tools since he is also experienced in using Socialbakers, Brandwatch, and Sprinklr. "Definitely the user experience and reporting," he answers. ‘The reports we download from are intended for the very end-user and super self-explanatory. Our customers can easily understand the report thanks to the explanations on headings instead of complex metrics and this saves us a ton of time.’’ Export Your Report Conversation Activities

He also underlines that the ability to send the report to someone else as a weblink is his most favorite feature of

Some of Mehmet's favorite features in Sociality Report include;

  • Downloadable reports in PPT format with individual slides for each KPI,
  • Ability to optimize schemes on a monthly/weekly/daily basis,
  • Rapid implementation of metrics added later along the way, such as story completion rates. Conversation Activities
Example of Competitor Analysis

He adds; ‘At the beginning of the social media age, we used to only talk about simple interaction metrics such as likes/comments in organic reach but now we have impressions, story completion rates, conversions from posts, ROI-ROAS rates, and many many more. As new features and apps enter our daily lives, they turn into digital data and get reflected in the reports. To be able to report these new data quickly, to integrate them into our long and short term strategies by rationalizing them, and being able to do this continuously puts us ahead in the eyes of the customers.’’

A new target-oriented agency selection

Knowing that the most important purpose for brands is to establish meaningful relationships with their consumers, Mehmet believes that in the near future, detailed metrics will lose their importance, the focus will lean towards single targets, and brands will select their agencies specifically based on those targets.

We would like to thank Mehmet for taking the time to talk with us and for his precious comments and thoughts! 😻

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