Christmas! Best examples of social media holiday campaigns
Christmas! Best examples of social media holiday campaigns

We passed the spooky season partying on Halloween, had a shopping haul on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, now the next thing to celebrate is the much anticipated Christmas time. So, the Christmas spirit comes alive, and all marketers have to fulfill our celebratory mood.

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While people are looking for a holiday cheer and merriness and you are brainstorming on how to create an inspirational social media campaign, we got you covered with some of the best ideas for festive content. The main objective of your Christmas social media campaign is to spread the holiday mood to your audience. To develop it successfully, avoid making it too much of an imposition, and keep reading this article to explore how to do that smoothly and delicately. 

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Advertise your campaigns

First and foremost, whatever you publish during the festive period (contests, giveaways, info-posts, videos, etc.), promote it.  

Once you have prepared your campaign, you need to share it with the right audience. And the most effective way to do that is to target specific area-based offers and direct them to the right demographics. 

This is the most valuable time of the year for many brands where social media ads help deliver product information for the right groups of people. So long as people are comfortable with online consumption, brands will enhance their sales by utilizing advertisements.  

Spread Xmas cheer

In response to your followers’ loyalty, express how you appreciate them by fuelling their holiday mood with Xmas aesthetics and fun activities. Share some holly jolly vibes through your social media accounts, and you’ll see how winter magic boosts your brand awareness. 

Show that you are a business with a strong focus on personal interaction. Run conversations:

1. Xmas visuals of all times.

It is an excellent tactic to run conversation by sharing famous visuals with a strong association with Christmas. For example, share clips from your favorite Christmas movies and ask followers to comment names of their favorites. It has the potentiality to bring you a good reach because many can use this as a source for their Xmas films list. 

Christmas social media campaigns - xmas visuals
Retrieved from @lisashomejourney

 2. Show your Xmas vibe

You can share lovely photos of your Christmas tree and decorated shop/office, or even better-decorated products. 

Christmas social media campaigns - Porsche
Retrieved from @porsche

Create fun thematic captions. You can include lyrics from your favorite themed songs. Learn in our article how to create original captions that boost excitement for your audience. 

Or you can download chic pictures from a free stock and discuss your and your audience’s ideal Christmas atmosphere. 

To increase excitement, raise fun interactive themed questions like:

  • What are their resolutions for the upcoming year?
  • What do they love about this time of year?
  • Ask their last “something” this year?
  • What was the most memorable gift they have received?
  • What’s their embarrassing holiday story? 
  • What is their special holiday recipe? 
Christmas social media campaigns - Bethjamison
Retrieved from @bethjamison


There’s no a better moment for a giveaway than the holiday peak time when everyone is organically getting into a gifting spirit. It’s worth hosting a giveaway because it appears to be magnets for engagement during the season.

In regards to the giveaway structure, make the rules clear and keep them simple. Prepare your audience and mention that something big is coming their way. And you have to get serious about promotion! Make people desire the prize, post a high-quality photo and funny description. Additionally, utilize stories to keep the excitement and to build gift-giving anticipation. 

You can do one big giveaway or a few small ones; each option implies different approaches and depends on what your business can afford. Whatever you choose, speak to the season’s emotions and stick to the central Christmas thematic.

Gift series

You can go for a multi-giveaway option and make it an everyday social media event. For example, you can run mini-contests over a week, during which winners will receive a  prize of a symbolic value like a gift certificate or ticket for your event or webinar. If you offer small and relevant goodies that people want to win, they will track your news and engage in your other activities. 

Christmas social media campaigns - The white company
Retrieved from @thewhitecompany

One big prize

Once you decide to offer a big Xmas gamble for your audience, think thoroughly to highlight the lavish prize in a particular post. 

When figuring out the length of the contest, don’t overestimate the time and assume that the longer it lasts, the more people will participate. We suggest striking it for 3-7 days. Or, if you have a big audience with a high engagement rate (ER), a 24-hour contest would work even better. 

Christmas social media campaigns - B&M stores
Retrieved from @B&M Stores

Secret Santa

This option is the most creative one! It would be best to encourage your fans to exchange random gifts with each other—that armor your brand with a strong community, and you won’t spend a penny.

Secret Santa
Retrieved from @myminimaisoninsta

Otherwise, make a surprise for one of your followers and be someone’s secret Santa. This option perfectly applies to those who produce products and also suit service providers. You can use your imagination to structure a unique giveaway or follow our example. 

First, share your intention with your fans and make them realize that something special is waiting for their participation. Then, mention that the award will remain a secret till the very moment of the unpacking by the winner. Run the simple contest, post a tricky question and ask the audience to provide their answers. Then, choose the most creative answer or answers and explain why it has impressed you that much. 

Ask your winner to share with you their emotions. The rest of the audience will fancy seeing the winner, the prize, and the overall process.


One of the most outstanding media pieces you can create during Christmas is a memorable video that embraces the quintessential festive spirit. Although it requires some budget, it pledges to attract more customers’ attention and increase sales. 

Because people are ready to be absorbed with Xmas atmosphere, react, talk about it and consequently buy items with positive associations. 

The most famous example that pops up in your mind is Coca-Cola’s success. However, the strategy works for everyone, from small businesses to enterprises.  

Well-known brands clash on social media, competing in producing a Christmas commercial that showcases their products and narrates a magical fairytale about their services. 

However, small/ medium businesses can also use Christmas to its fullest potential for presenting their products or services. If you serve a warm video that invites viewers to spoil their “special someone” with your product or create a winter story about your service, we promise you will earn special attention and reach. 

Find out why many brands emphasize the importance of videos in their marketing and how to create engaging videos for social media here

Aldi UK Christmas Campaign
Retrieved from @Aldi UK


Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, yet very chaotic. Gifting, shopping, decorating, cooking, and social gatherings are only a few of the many things the average person has on mind during the festive month.  

And here, selections and checklists come as a solid social media strategy. If you want to stand out with your engagement metrics and beat your competitors, help people organize things.  

People tend to be on the lookout for gifts, so prepare a list with gift ideas selected by your editorial team. Tailored checklists like “best Xmas movies” “must-try Christmas meals” appear to be the right seasonal content that gets highly sharable. If you distribute goods, you can make a selection of your products. Just think about how to present them as a perfect gift precisely for this occasion.

Christmas social media campaigns - Spade and Broom
Retrieved from @Spade and Broom

There are endless ideas you can suggest to people in a convenient format. For another example, while Xmas decor hysteria mode is on, create a selection of chic attributes that will bring to someone’s house a holiday vibe. And provide your audience with addresses or links to buy them. Speaking of engagement, selections will get traffic on your channels because such tactics help people save time for other researches. They might keep an eye on content you post to discover other lists like “Xmas events that are worth your visit.” 

Nespresso social media campaign for Christmas
Retrieved from @nespresso


Countdowns with a different daily message are a perfect idea for time-sensitive content. If you make it informative, fun, and concise, people will remember the last month of the year under your curation. 

Consider pairing it with offers for your products/services. Thus, you will develop a unique, entertaining approach to introduce your sales and make people check your channels.

Sugarplum and mistletoe campaign for christmas
Retrieved from @sugarplum_and_mistletoe

Challenges and Games

You don’t always have to buy your audience’s attention by offering them to win a big prize. What matters is how you interact with your followers, especially considering the Facebook and Instagram algorithms today. You can engage current fans and even lure a new audience by utilizing people’s instinctive desire to experience the community’s feelings. 

Create challenges that involve encouragement and motivation that your audience can collectively generate and share on your page. For example, it can be a diet, sport, or reading challenge. Your posts have to follow up the process. Constantly introduce the #day of “something” and maintain it as a central resource of support and incentive. In the comment section of such posts, people will ask for advice from each other, share tips and tricks, and even jokes. To make them resonate and gain momentum, you should actively reply in comments and DMs. Our chat-like Engage module gathers all direct messages, private messages, likes, comments, replies in one place, and you don’t quizzes need to monitor everything manually. 

Such a contribution to people’s life will inevitably reward you with credibility to your business and interest in what you do.

Stamina sports and fitness social media campaigns for Christmas
Retrieved from @staminasportsandfitness

Also, consider running quizzes games. You can build tasks and puzzles around your product. This game is for the most loyal customers you have because it will reveal how well they are familiar with your products. Motivate your participants with a symbolic prize and fun time spent. 

Similar to contests and giveaways, but the distinguishing feature of this strategy is that you’ll gather data about your business performance that will help you to make an excellent strategy for the following year. 

Base this kind of content on holiday-themed graphics and animated pictures to fit the holiday feed of your followers. 

Women and waves Christmas campaign
Retrieved from @womenandwaves

UGC +polls

As a marketer, you surely don’t want to over-spam people with your sales announcements and consequently raise negative feelings around your brand. Here comes the need for a marketing strategy that engages, entertains people, and increases the conversion rate. Create amazing holiday marketing campaigns powered by UGC and save the received content in your gallery. For that, the simplest way to gather such content is to offer some discounts to people. 

The User-Generated-Content can be implemented in any kind of contest. You can encourage your follower to take a photo with your product, tell a story of how they met your brand, and share their Xmas recipe. If you like, you can even motivate your users to participate in  ‘Caption This!’ photos and run a contest. 

Invite the rest of the audience to vote for the best content in the polls. People love a poll – and the festive month is a great time to have some fun while gaining exiting anonymous insights about your social community. Thus, every user on some of your social media platforms will be offered an interactive task. 

Starbucks Christmas campaign
Retrieved from @starbucks

Account Decor

The easy way to add some festive flair into your social media presence is to create a themed logo for your profile pic. It would also be great to prepare some conceptual graphics that you would constantly use during December. It can be gifs, memes, banners, animated clips for greetings. Also, create your hashtags. You might hire a graphic designer to help you with that or choose to use a simple tool like Canva.

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Once you have collected your digital decor assets, you are ready to impress and inspire your fans. As a result, your brand immediately gets a touch of the holiday by association. 

Netflix Christmas campaign

Holiday How-Tos 

Do you know that many people would search for tutorials like “How to decorate a Christmas tree with hand-made objects” or ” Simple recipes for celebratory table”?

It’s worth creating such tutorials as well. People will search for this kind of idea massively, and if you post helpful content, you will increase the engagement rate (ER) immediately. For Instagram posts and stories to YouTube and TikTok videos, this type of social media content is highly potential to meet interest from people. Try to make your tutorial stylish and pleasing to the eye to beat concurrent in the most famous content type. 


This type of media is underestimated, yet it can be a very effective instrument to attract attention. Instead of writing long copy, you can turn your corporate media into a vivid podcast. It should involve a storytelling approach and bear an informative value. To make it fit during the season, think about the thematic cover image and joyful Christmas music in the background. People would love to learn something exciting or listen to a story served in an authentic holiday style.

Those followers who are genuinely interested in your brand’s products are also curious about how you operate your business and prepare for the future. You can interview your team member, or you can tell stories of your brand. You can base the interviews around recent achievements and things to regret they/you do/haven’t done. Or why not interview an interesting person from your industry? 

And to spice it up, cover themes about the interviewee’s plans for a new year and how they will celebrate Christmas.

Xmas offers

Launch a Christmas or end-year offer and discounts across multiple social media platforms. While everyone is getting excited and keeps a credit card ready for some average things to chic Xmas attributes, consider actively promoting holiday-themed products. Offering free products or discounts with every purchase is an excellent tactic to start your early Christmas marketing campaigns.

Additionally, why not offer something of extra value to your customers at the last minute. There is a category of people who does everything at the very last moment, plus those impulsive buyers will appreciate your brand for doing so. 

But those who are chasing a creative brand image should think about the original approach. Put aside all mainstream deals and see our suggestions for offers below:

  • Multiple points on every purchase
  • Another month of a free trial
  • Free membership after the cart reaches a certain amount 
  • Custom cards for loyal customers
  • Exclusive access to limited edition products
  • Free workshops
  • Free software updates or premium versions
  • After Christmas discount promo code
  • Free shipping for online customers

Don’t overwhelm your followers with tons of posts offering something. Be smart and conduct research to identify who your followers are. Based on data, customize offers for different customer segments.

It takes some time to research your audience’s preferences, where they hang out, and what they are likely to buy. The Report module is detailed and provides everything you need to know to analyze your followers. 

Cafe Coffee Day Christmas campaign
Retrieved from @Cafe Coffee Day

Paint it Christmas 

We believe that the content ideas explained above would help you plan a successful social media campaign that will bring great sales and a joyful mood to your business. Aim to evoke positive emotions, boost your social media content, and don’t discard the idea of utilizing social media marketing tools to set some measurable objectives. Thus, you will be able to track reaching X number of impressions or sales and see if your campaign helped you get them.

Last but not least — the holiday mood of your subscribers and potential customers highly depends on your social media activity and the organization of content. However, whether you go for a Christmas post, themed video, countdown, a giveaway, a competition, make sure to keep tidiness ordering the content unobtrusively. To avoid making holiday “noise” online, you might want to learn our suggestions upon the best times to post on social media.  

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