What to post on TikTok in 2024? 27 TikTok ideas for your next viral post 
What to post on TikTok in 2024? 27 TikTok ideas for your next viral post 

According to a Hootsuite Social Media Trends report, in 2022, TikTok became the most downloadable app, surpassing Instagram. To make the most out of this rising social media platform, as a content creator or a brand, you need to create entertaining and engaging TikTok video content. However, what may work on other platforms may not necessarily be viral on TikTok. To help you ace your TikTok marketing strategy, we have compiled a list of the top 27 TikTok ideas. 

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27 TikTok content ideas to try in 2024

Wondering what to post on TikTok? Try these TikTok video ideas to keep up with the latest trends and increase your chances of going viral. 

1. How-tos or tutorial videos 

Craft a tutorial video that resonates with your audience and adds value. You can showcase your products or services through a unique engaging perspective. The demonstration should be straightforward with a step-by-step guide on using the product or service. For instance, how to make a delicious recipe, how to perform a product hack or a task, how to style an outfit, etc. You can explore creative and out-of-the-box ideas showcasing the use of your product. Through such TikTok tutorials, you not only promote your product or service but also increase the chances of the video being shared with viewers who are searching for new solutions or skills. 

2. ASMR or satisfying videos

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and refers to a relaxing sensation that one experiences after hearing a specific sound. ASMR videos utilize sounds such as tapping, cutting, etc. with visually soothing scenes and can include filling containers with products, restocking items, and arranging things into order. 

3. Packing orders for customers videos 

Many small businesses are moving to TikTok to build their community and following. One of the engaging and popular ways to do it is to pack the order in front of the camera. These videos usually fall in the ASMR category and help build trust among customers about the product that is being delivered to them. If you would want to create such videos for your business, then set up your order packaging station. Ensure you have a space where you can showcase products or merchandise and also put together your order for shipping. 

4. Dance challenge videos 

TikTok gained popularity with dance challenges and these videos still remain among the top contenders. Dance challenges can also be useful for brands that have a mascot or whose employees or team members can join in the dance challenge. So you can either be a part of the dance challenge or create a new one of your own. 

5. Lip syncing videos 

Given that TikTok transformed to its present platform from lip sync app, Musical.ly, lip-syncing a music clip or iconic dialogues from a movie still remains a favorite. Your lip sync video can go viral with the right song and filters—so why not give it a shot? For instance, you can use a dialogue or song for lip-syncing while someone is using your product. 

6. Green screen videos

Green screen technology is not something unheard of in films or TV. However, TikTok has its own version of the green screen that you can use in your videos to add that extra level of creativity. You can record a product or service video, announce a new campaign, or start a limited-time period sale using exciting backgrounds to make your video stand out. 

7. Behind-the-scene videos

With behind-the-scenes videos, your audience can get a sneak peek into your business—be it your office, team meetings, manufacturing process, or any fun team visit. These behind-the-scenes can be engaging and entertaining and also share the hard work you put into your business. So whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, these videos can be game-changing. 

8. Day-in-the-life videos 

Daily vlogs have been trending, giving audiences an insider view of the creators’ day-to-day life. These videos take viewers through a journey so they can also get a close look at the activities you do, the people you encounter or meet, or the experiences you have. These videos can showcase the daily life of a professional in a business setting, a person exploring a new city or market, or just spending time with the family. 

9. Recipe videos 

You can share a scrumptious recipe with your audience even if you are not in the business of the food industry. Who doesn’t like a hearty meal? These recipe videos can be used to showcase your brand in different ways—the cook can wear your branded t-shirt or use branded equipment. 

10. Short play or skit videos 

You can use a skit or a short performance to connect with your audience. Popular on TikTok, it can be a great tool to educate and entertain. For instance, Karen stories about customer support. These short TikTok videos can also be useful for other businesses who want to convey information about a service, introduce a new product, etc. 

11. Livestream

TikTok livestream can be a great alternative to your regular video content. However, you need to steer it in the right direction! You can use a live stream to launch a new product, share any exciting news or updates, conduct a Q&A session, or interview an expert or personality. This will encourage your viewers to engage in comments, giving it a much-needed success. 

12. Makeover videos 

Beauty (#beautytok) makeover videos are here to stay. Be the makeover is about hair, outfit (#fashiontok), or make-up, brands, and creators are making the most out of it to showcase their products. Even fast-motion videos are being used to share amazing transformations. The video can be a makeover of a room or upcycling of furniture. 

13. Videos testing a viral hack 

You can piggyback on already popular ideas to create your viral content! Be it testing a new life hack, trying a food trend, or completing DIY projects, such TikTok videos can get your audience talking. These hacks can be fun, humorous, creative, and unique and give you an opportunity to share honest reviews. 

14. Duet videos 

The duet and stitch feature in TikTok enables users to collaborate and create their own remix video content. The Duet feature allows you to play your video in a split-screen or green-screen next to another user’s video and the TikTok Stitch feature lets you insert up to 5 seconds of other user’s content into your own video. 

15. Life hack or quick tips videos 

Use these videos to share your wisdom with your audience! It can be a life hack or a quick tip to make daily life better and easier. These tricks and tips can be related to day-to-day tasks, cooking tips, machine hacks, etc. that can be quickly put to practical use. Use the right combination of visuals and audio to share hot hacks. 

16. Fun facts videos 

Apart from entertainment, you can also use TikTok videos to share fun facts and share your smarter side. These fun facts can be related to your business, brand, current events, or even TikTok trends

17. Videos on branded hashtag challenge 

Challenges have always been the top trending video content on TikTok. You can also become a part of these challenges but with a branded hashtag which can boost brand awareness and visibility. Here are some examples of successful branded hashtag challenges—#MerryBOSSmas from Boss,  #InMyAEJeans from American Eagle, #GoForItChallenge from FC Barcelona and OPPO, etc. 

18. Videos on non-branded TikTok challenge 

You don’t always need to start a new challenge. There are a number of TikTok challenges that have already caught users’ attention. These challenges keep changing within a time period, creating space for new ones. Here are some examples—#selfcare2024, #youareenough, That’s what I want #fyp #flashback, #thatsnotmyname, etc. 

19. Processes in fast motion 

It’s always an exciting journey to see something being created. Whether it’s making a sculpture, carving a wooden artifact, knitting a sweater, or packing an order for shipping, fast-motion videos can make the entire process fun and interesting. This way, you remove the slow, boring parts so your audience gets to see the impressive ones. You can add trending music to get the effect you want. 

20. Videos utilizing current events, news, or occasions 

You can use the news, events, sporting leagues, trending recipes, holidays, or even gossip to take inspiration for your video content. Weigh in on these events to get your customers interested and engaged. 

21. TikTok’s new filters 

TikTok keeps updating and releasing new filters with AR effects. You can try these newest filters to create new content. So start experimenting!  

22. Science experiment videos 

With these videos, you and your viewers can have fun with science. Science experiments just require a phone, some materials, and an experimental mindset! Whether you make a volcano or pop the balloons with orange peels, you can test and try new science experiments to increase virality and engagement.  

23. Get ready with me videos 

Believe it or not, the daily routines of people can be interesting to watch. “Get ready with me” clips showcase a person’s morning routine of getting started, be it choosing their outfit or making their breakfast or smoothie. 

24. Q&A videos 

You may have heard about “ask me anything” videos wherein viewers can ask questions on any specific or random topic. You can also answer the questions in your future TikTok videos, and do a livestream to respond to all the queries. 

25. Voting 

You can create brackets or vote (opinion polls) for non-serious and entertaining topics to engage your audience. The topics can vary from choosing the best fruit or choosing between tea or coffee. Let the people pitch in with their opinions and engage in healthy debate. 

26. Prank videos 

You would find a lot of viral pranks and weirdly funny videos on TikTok. You can always entertain your audience with such delightful and wonderful silliness. 

27. Collaborate with influencers 

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has sky-rocketed the sales of many products and services and increased the follower count, even of small and medium-sized businesses. Product reviews from creators or influencers are more trusted by the users because of the genuine feedback they share. You can also share your product with a TikTok influencer to let them review it with their followers. 

Final Words 

Use these TikTok ideas to create your own viral video in 2024. You can rely on Sociality.io’s social media tool to ace your TikTok marketing strategy. With our all-in-one TikTok management tool, you can publish, manage, and analyze comments for multiple TikTok accounts from a single platform. You can also automate TikTok video planning and scheduling while streamlining the approval process. Moreover, with TikTok analytics, you can try new ideas to boost engagement and follower growth. 

Without further ado, try Socialty.io today!

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