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Meet Emre Arısoy: an award-winning digital marketer. Over 13 years, Emre Arısoy has firmly climbed the career ladder - from intern to executive, manager to group head, and now the digital director at Concept; one of the leading and largest independent agencies in Türkiye.

Founded in 1999, Concept has established itself as a leader in conventional media. Working with amazing international and national brands like Şekerbank, Uni Baby, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati, Tavuk Dünyası, Allianz, Vestel, A101, Türk Telekom, WWF, and so on, the leadership recognized a gap: digital transformation was not prioritized strategically. Although their intuition-led social media efforts delivered so many amazing results and awards, building legitimate digital capabilities required a more systematic approach. The solution? Bring on a digital leader to merge digital prowess with Concept’s service quality, and Emre Arısoy was the perfect person for the task. He joined Concept as the Digital Director in September 2023, building the foundation of what will soon be a robust digital team. Beginning with a crew of 6 digital experts within the 80-person agency, Emre has plans to scale the team to match the demands of Concept's accelerating digital strategy.

According to Emre, not using tools like means relying on luck and assumptions. In his view, “Social media and digital marketers should 100% be familiar with these tools today. In fact, when interviewing potential hires, he questions: Do they understand community management? Can they analyze reports? And are they acquainted with social media tools?” He explains, “Some agencies and brands still do manual work because they don’t allocate budget for it. Although the manual dashboards of big brands are advanced, they lack the agility of tools like There are also lots of raw data to process, beautify, and turn into graphics and insights. That’s why using a tool like yours is so important.”

“There are also a lot of strategy and trend reports emphasizing the importance of user-generated content. Precision becomes crucial when actually utilizing that content. To share that content effectively, we need to closely track performance both before and after sharing it. enables us to do this better than any other platform.“ He states.

Emre has been using since 2015. is a key player in his digital toolkit. As he puts it: “I take with me wherever I go because I love using it. It expands as it develops more features and has huge potential.’’ Emre appreciates the tool's continuous technical updates and bilingual support, acknowledging the role of support services as the heart of any tool.

“Things that I cannot see so easily in other tools are straightforward in, and this makes me, my team, and my clients very happy,” he adds. He highlights’s well-rounded capabilities: Sentiment analysis of followers’ comments and messages, assigning cases to team members, and examining team performances. “It’s like a ‘super app’ that combines many platforms’ worth of features! It seamlessly combines various functionalities that set itself apart in the industry It is a great blessing that combines the work capacities of different departments through a single tool,” he adds.

Emre advocates utilizing all of's technical features, emphasizing the efficiency of its APIs for enabling seamless communication and task management. On Engage, he finds insights into follower reactions and preferences, making engagement more human and responsive. The Competitor Analysis module is another key differentiator. “It is automated and centralized. It saves valuable time in tracking the media usage of competitor brands,’’ he notes. Meanwhile, Engage provides invaluable context into customer conversations. As Emre explains, brands can better empathize with commenters instead of replying with impersonal answers.

Emre also keeps a keen eye on our weekly social media newsletters, utilizing them for his own trend reports and sharing valuable insights with his team and clients. His passion for learning and innovation remains as fresh as his first day on the job.

At, we form unique bonds with trailblazers like Emre - partnerships rooted in trust, solutions, and the open flow of feedback. As Emre continues on his remarkable career journey, this dynamic relationship fuels an encouraging cycle of growth and success.

Emre, we cannot thank you enough - for your loyalty over the years, your willingness to share insight that helps us progress, and for pushing boundaries in the name of innovation. Yours is an example that drives us to improve every day. Here's to growing together for years to come! Wherever your path leads next, we look forward to following your continued accomplishments with immense gratitude and optimism.

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