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Gül Ölez

Social Media Director

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Istanbul, Türkiye


Advertising Services

Muhabbet provides a boutique personalized service in a more professional way

While studying Visual Communication Design back in college, Gül Ölez realized she was more into words than visuals. She got an internship opportunity from an award-winning agency of that time towards the end of her studies in 2012, and she’s been on the digital side of everything ever since.

A year and a half ago, she was offered to build her own team and Digital Department by Muhabbet, a full-service creative agency founded in 2015, in Istanbul. “It was going to be a challenge, but I love challenges.” Gül says with a smile. She knew she and her team needed to think deeply of ways to differentiate themselves in the market, and they did.

“When building up the team and recruiting brands, we would see the problem that the brand faced, we would find solutions to the problem, and we then would decide the next move. Maybe recruiting a new colleague into the team will solve the problem. We would find them. This allowed us to provide a boutique personalized service in a more professional way.” she continues.

Now as a team of 18, Muhabbet manages 33 accounts on Sociality.io. Brands include DenizBank, Kip, Beşiktaş Kartal Yuvası, Abdi İbrahim’s 3 subbrands, Ofçay, and Milli Piyango (Türkiye’s National Lottery). They use each and every product of Sociality.io on a daily basis.

“TikTok is an exceptional channel for us and our brands, and we are aware that it requires more budget for both content creation and advertising on the platform.” she also mentions. Muhabbet stays on top of its TikTok metrics by using Sociality.io TikTok Analytics.

Gül is accustomed to other 3rd-party social media management tools. When asked to make some comparisons between them and Sociality.io, she starts by mentioning that as her client list grew in her previous agency, the importance of making competitor analysis also increased. “Your clean and easy-to-navigate dashboard, the accurate data that we can pull out from your Analytics section, and your Support System is one of the greatest”, she adds. “The detailed and insightful reports we pull out from Sociality.io shapes our content creation process and our content strategy. Plus, since no one really enjoys writing reports and you make it so easy to do, you guys make us happy too!” she smiles.

We are very proud to serve clients like Gül and Muhabbet and to simplify their workload in every aspect as we can. Thank you Gül for taking this time to walk us through your digital marketing journey!

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