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Working with giants: SesliHarfler, member of Isobar Case Studies - Sesli Harfler - Ismail Postalcıoglu

İsmail Postalcıoğlu

Social Media Director case study - Sesli Harfler


SesliHarfler – Linked By Isobar

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London, United Kingdom


Marketing & Advertising

Full-service agency providing all-around services to brands like P&G, Nescafe, and Philip Morris

SesliHarfler works in teams: the content team, the analysis team, and the moderation team. is the tool that they are using to coordinate social media management processes. does not have a feature that they do not actively use. They use content input, moderation, and reporting sections much more intensively than others, though.

Explaining what they do for their clients, İsmail Postalcıoğlu, Social Media Director, says that they manage the entire process of creative content production, moderation, and reporting for their social media brands. Also, they perform processes like strategy management planning and direct crisis management when necessary. They also have a studio in their agency where they can produce video content.

When asked what feature he was most satisfied with while using, İsmail said the most important issue for him was the ease of use of “In other words, [ is] providing a good user experience.’s interface is relatively more practical and easy to use when compared to other tools.”

Speaking of his prioritization, İsmail expresses his belief that, no matter how good a service is offered or how good the functionality of a product is, if the interface is bad, it will slow everything down and cause errors. These errors will also reset everything else. The objective is to have a tool that is working correctly. The content should be shared as planned. If not, it is not only SesliHarfler’s problem but also the problem of the client’s brand. To ensure the satisfaction of brands, the company needs to have their tools, including, regularly updated. I know from my past experiences, managing APIs is a challenging task. But manages to do it and adapt quickly.

We are genuinely grateful for the feedback that İsmail and his team send our way because that’s how we grow and improve. When we shared our gratitude, İsmail replied, “We are very pleased with the care you have shown us, and we would like it to continue.” We would like that, too.

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