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Sociality.io Case Studies - VivaKi - Erhan Ozkantarcı

Erhan Özkantarcı

Associate General Manager

Sociality.io case study - Vivaki


VivaKi Creative - Linked by Publicis Groupe

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Paris, Ile de France


Marketing & Advertising

Vivaki Creative’s Agency President Erhan Özkantarcı talked to us about the ways his company was using Sociality.io and what they found particularly helpful. Vivaki uses Sociality.io intensively in competitor analysis, listening, post inputs, and moderation processes. “We especially love to use the team activities very much in the moderation section,” he went on, “because our customers are very sensitive about moderation, as every customer is. Since we work with global brands, we can often experience a crisis. At that point, moderation again becomes a very important part of our lives.”

Vivaki Creative is one of the two digital agencies providing services under the Publicis Groupe in Turkey. They have been using Sociality.io since the first day it was launched. Their journey continues today with 30+ people, and we are pleased to be one of their strategic partners with whom they worked most efficiently during this period of growth. Today, Vivaki is working with Saatchi & Saatchi, which is a global ATL agency, and the brands Vivaki provides services to include Ferrero, Ferrero's sub-brands Nutella, Kinder Joy, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Milk Slice, and Kinder Surprise.

When asked if Sociality.io affected their efficiency and planning, Erhan says, “Our productivity has increased dramatically, of course. We were moving ahead with manual techniques that can be called more primitive before. After starting to use Sociality.io, we can see every aspect of our brands in detail from all angles.”

For competitor analysis, Vivaki does listenings by identifying keywords, and it works well in their business processes. They also appreciate the fact that they can handle many operations from a single screen.

Another accomplishment is in the internal operational processes of the agency. Employees in the agency world can frequently change. Along with a change of employees, adapting to the existing brands, internalizing existing systems or bringing in their system for every new employee would create problems. Now with Sociality.io, everything, all data is loaded on a system. One can see the brand's past reports, what has been done before for the brand, what kind of content has been input, what was the performance of those contents, and customer correspondence made through the panel, and all this is very helpful because that’s the way to reach the customer approval and feedback. All this means shortening the adaptation period, which means that the quality of service continues from where it was without any decrease. Customizing internal processes was possible thanks to the highly flexible Sociality.io services.

Erhan was also kind enough to praise our team. “We can say that the interest and care you have shown us have been of the highest level since the first day,” he said. “It is beneficial to have someone we can reach one-on-one when we have a problem. We also see that every feedback we provide is taken seriously and used in improvements in some form.”

Of course, implementation of changes is not done overnight, but the improvements Erhan refers to, did happen, to a great extent thanks to his detailed and insightful feedback. Algorithms like those of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are very dynamic media. Their background and their APIs are constantly changing. We prepare our partners, including Vivaki, for these changes with both the newsletters we send and the periodic system updates we provide. That’s how they can adapt faster rather than having trouble.

Calling Sociality.io “the most comfortable, the most efficient, the most user-friendly tool [they have] had,” Erhan expresses his hopes to keep working with us and growing together.

Humbled and flattered, we surely share the sentiment, and we’re looking forward to running new initiatives together.

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