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Erhan Özkantarcı
Associate General Manager VivaKi Turkey

VivaKi Turkey - Case Study

Vivaki Creative is one of the two digital agencies providing services under the Publicis Groupe in Turkey. Vivaki Creative is an agency of 5 years and one of our clients who has been using since the first day it was launched. Their journey of two continues today with 30 people, and we are pleased to be one of their strategic partners with whom they worked most efficiently during this period of growth. At the point where it is today, Vivaki is working with Saatchi & Saatchi, which is a global ATL agency. So it provides services not just in social media management or digital creativity, but in all areas of integrated ATL and BTL creativity. Social Media Group Leader Eda Demiroğlu and Agency President Erhan Özkantarcı from Vivaki Creative talked about their experiences with for you.

What brands are you currently working with for social media management?

We work with global brands. Foremost among them, Ferrero, Ferrero's sub-brands Nutella, Kinder Joy, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Milk Slice, Kinder Surprise. We are actively carrying out the communication for another global brand, İçim, and all milk, cheese, and yogurt product groups under its roof, which is a very large account. Koleston is also among brands to which we provide social media service.

So what are the main features of these services?

In fact, we provide support for all the steps in the standard social media process. Content production, content sharing, moderation, reporting, etc.

What is the role of in performing these processes?

We use intensively in competitor analysis, listening, post inputs, and moderation processes. Especially, we love to use the team activities very much in the moderation section because our customers are very sensitive about moderation, as every customer is. Since we work with global brands, we can often experience a crisis. At that point, moderation becomes again a very important part of our lives.

How did affect your working efficiency? Can you say that you have less workload or the planning became easier?

Our productivity has increased dramatically, of course. We were moving ahead with manual techniques that can be called more primitive before. After starting to use, we can see every aspect of our brands in detail from all angles. The comparisons with our brands' competitors and listenings we do about the brands by identifying keywords work very well in our business processes. Being able to handle many operations from a single screen is also a great accomplishment for us. Another accomplishment is in the internal operational processes of the agency. Employees in the agency world can frequently change during some periods. Along with a change of employees, adapting to the existing brands, internalizing existing systems or bringing in their system for every new employee would create problems. Now with, everything, all data is loaded on a system. You can see the brand's past reports, what has been done before for the brand, what kind of content has been input, what was the performance of those contents, customer correspondence made through the panel, which is very important because you can reach the customer approval and feedback. All this means shortening the adaptation period, which means that the quality of service continues from where it was without any decrease. So, in fact, you don't save just time. We overcome a period where there may be more problems with minimum difficulty, which is a great advantage for us.

Are you pleased to be working with the team?
Are you pleased to be working with the team?

We can say that the interest and care you have shown us have been of the highest level since the first day. It is beneficial to have someone we can reach one-on-one when we have a problem in live help, particularly with the arrival of Nazlı. We can get help and responses very quickly thanks to this. We also see that every feedback we provide is taken seriously and used in improvements in some form. Of course, these things are not done overnight, but as we said, we see the improvements in software over time. This shows us that you take us seriously, and we are pleased that our opinions are valued. After all, the areas of development are led by those who use them. It is nice that the company is open to it. And all in all, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are very dynamic mediums. Their background algorithms and their APIs are constantly changing. You prepare us for these processes with both the newsletters you send and the periodic system updates you provide. We can adapt faster rather than having troublesome processes. In that sense, you are a good source for us.

Are there any opinions or recommendations that the Vivaki team would like to convey to the team?

In fact, there is not much to add. We worked with so many tools and had so much experience so far. But has been the most comfortable, the most efficient, the most user-friendly tool we had.

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