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Analytics that read between the lines adds professionalism and excellence Case Studies - Wetpaint Creative Digital Solutions - Hamza Sabeh

Hamza Sabeh

Social Media Manager case study - Wetpaint Creative Digital Solutions


Wetpaint Creative Digital Solutions

Employee count

51 - 200

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Dubai, UAE


Advertising Services

Key features used

A full-scale digital marketing agency based in Dubai

Hamza Sabeh, a graduate in Management Information Systems, developed an interest in marketing early on. Through various part-time positions, he gained experience and eventually became a Social Media Specialist at a real estate company. Realizing the potential for deeper insights into social media
dynamics, Hamza and Wetpaint crossed paths in 2018. Now part of The
Network Communication Group based in Dubai, Hamza works closely with
clients across the MENA region to develop holistic digital marketing solutions tailored to their unique needs.

As part of The Network Communication Group, founded in 1997, Wetpaint
provides full-scale digital marketing services, including content creation,
social media management, and digital campaign development and strategy.
Using’s comprehensive analytics and reporting, the team tracks performance and identifies opportunities for continual optimization. They have partnered with leading international brands like Bosch, Siemens, Philipps,
IQOS by Philip Morris in Dubai, Master Chips in Lebanon, and Novartis in Saudi Arabia, among many others.

"We are keen on maintaining a future-focused approach. We collaborate extensively with other departments across The Network Communication
Group's affiliate companies. As's weekly industry newsletters keep
us abreast of the latest trends, key learnings are integrated into client
campaigns and shared internally to align on innovative directions," Hamza
explains. helps Wetpaint tailor robust, technology-driven digital marketing solutions that drive measurable results for their diverse client base.“What
sets apart is its ability to read between the lines, especially
when it comes to Analytics, presenting us with clean and insightful data to work with. Sharing these reports alongside our creative ideas has not only enhanced our internal processes but has also earned greater appreciation from our clients. The improved quality of our reports has strengthened our client relationships, showcasing the professionalism and excellence we
strive for,”
notes Hamza.

Hamza has also experienced working with various tools and even navigating
its social media accounts without tools. When questioned about the
distinctions, he highlights that transitioning from another third-party tool to's user-friendly interface notably enhanced their team's workflow.
The shift was marked by improved efficiency, making processes more
seamless and accessible. But even more importantly,’s emphasis
on customer service has strengthened their trust. Regarding responsive
support, Hamza notes, "Your customer service team is always readily available when we need anything. You build a community with your clients and make us
feel that love - that's how you gain our trust and loyalty."

We sincerely thank Hamza and the Wetpaint team for sharing their
experiences and insights using Their feedback reinforces our commitment to delivering intuitive, high-value solutions. As Wetpaint
continues making waves across the digital marketing landscape, we look
forward to supporting their ongoing success and evolution.

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