Alternative to Tweetdeck

Isn't Twitter marketing dead?

Social media marketing like anything in life doesn't come with pre-defined rules and strategies that ultimately grow your business in 100% of cases. Computers, on the other hand, come with two booklets of instructions. One explains simple features, functions on how to use the device and turn it on and off. The majority don't pay attention to the more detailed, informative part that describes complicated, professional tasks you can perform on the computer. Unfortunately, the same is with Twitter marketing.

When people say it is not effective and doesn't improve engagement rates, they simply didn't pay attention to ninja techniques that can be used on Twitter. Posting "high-quality content" is not as important and in other social media. On Twitter people behave differently, they expect businesses to respect the community and blend into it. Did you know that they even call themselves by the specific word "Tweeps"?

Our ninja advise is to discover hidden techniques on how to use Twitter with two awesome software applications: TweetDeck and

We will talk in details first about similarities and differences between TweetDeck and and will help you to understand how both software can benefit you. You will discover Twitter marketing universe from a new point of view.

A short disclaimer: is an all-in-one social media management platform, where you can manage all your accounts. For the sake of fair comparison, we will focus only on Twitter and how two software can advance your marketing strategies.


TweetDeck is a free social media management tool that was developed exclusively for Twitter. (This is where the name comes from, da.)

TweetDeck's functions include exactly everything you could do in Twitter itself, plus extra features that aim to simplify the managing process.

  • You can tweet (publish posts)
  • Engage with other's or yours' posts by liking or replying
  • Send direct message
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Display all Twitter windows on one surface and customize it for simplicity
  • Schedule tweets as far in the future as you want
  • Mute or block users
  • View peoples' full profile

TweetDeck is the easiest platform to install. All you need to do is launch your browser and open TweetDeck website. Then you will be asked to log in automatically with your current Twitter account. ( You can add extra accounts in the account settings) After clicking "Get started" you will see a default column layout that you can customize according to your needs. The usual layout includes main feed, notifications, trending hashtags, search, messages. The main benefit of using TweetDeck is that you see everything on one screen.

What you can't do on TweetDeck?
  • Twitter analytics
  • Export reports
  • Manage accounts with your team
  • Assign tasks and permissions
  • Add email notifications for a pre-defined situation (social media pr crisis)
  • Add keywords to monitor
  • There is no mobile application

Nevertheless, TweetDeck is a flexible tool for beginner social media marketers. You can get more benefits from the free software if you follow the techniques provided down below:

How to use the best of TweetDeck?

Prioritize your columns

Here is a list of everything you can display on customized columns:

1. Mentions: For effective marketing strategies, you need to follow what people say about you online.

2. Add keywords that will be included or excluded and you can include or exclude retweets. When you click on Engagement, you can specify the least number of retweets and likes for the hashtag. You can also edit the details to display all tweets containing your search query from all users, only verified users, etc.

3. Track who are interested in your company, what kind of people like your content. It might give you some hints about whether your marketing buyer persona is correct.

4. Activity: is an interesting column, that allows you to monitor what your followers are doing on Twitter. Which posts they liked, whom the followed etc. (It is only available on TweetDeck.)

Filter Search

You need to start using Twitter's advanced filter search now! It is a true ninja weapon of a Twitter marketer. By using Twitter Search you can harvest any kind of data and it can provide you incredible insight that you won't be able to find somewhere else. Most importantly, you can discover all this data for free. For example, you can track mentions, keywords, influencers' opinion about a certain topic, etc and etc.

Here is a full list of advanced search parameters that you help you a lot:

Alternative to TweetDeck is is an all-in-one social media management platform, that enables you to track and monitor all social media activities in one place.

Sociality helps you to focus on the most important functions and social media strategies implementation techniques. You can't see your regular feed in one platform, because for an effective social media marketing you don't need it. Let us explain to you why.

Social media marketing is not about monitoring all Twitter accounts, all your followers and people you follow, because not all of them are your potential or current clients.

You have to focus on your buyer persona. Reinforce your marketing efforts to finding the right people on Twitter and bring them to your sales funnel. This is the reason why you need a Twitter channel. Otherwise doing any actions there is worthless.

What is important in Twitter social media marketing?

1. Engage with your followers through direct messages. As a business account, you receive important messages from clients and prospects. Majority of direct messages are automated "thank you for following" that aren't vital. In comparison to TweetDeck where you can't save or pin specific direct message, so can easily get buried under many incoming non-important ones. In Sociality you can save the message, also send it as an assignment to a teammate or employee, highlight it, archive it or add a note.

2. You don't need to pay attention to key hashtags. If your buyer persona works at startups, you won't be able to track all tweets about startups. The task is impossible on TweetDeck, as each minute there are hundreds of tweets under the related hashtags.

Instead, track keywords in bulk and exactly specify what do you want to discover and from whom do you want it be coming from, and during which period. Automation of this process will save you time and improve results.

3. Add alerts and install application. Your customers are spread across the globe and thus operate in different time zones. It is impossible to be online all the time and seat in front of your TweetDeck columns and monitor. Marketers are human beings after all that can potentially skip vital tweets, messages or mentions. doesn't allow this mistake to happen. In the case of social media crisis or bad will spreading about your brand quickly on Twitter, you will know the first. An email alert will be automatically sent to you by our software.

Set up an alert system by choosing Daily mentions, Alert keyword, Followers limit, Receiving email, Frequency of tweets. In case of something terrible happening, you will know the first one and can stop the crisis to reach a snowballing effect.

4. Also, enables you to create exportable reports. After all, what is the point of doing marketing on Twitter if you can't check your performance? Reports help you to analyze engagements rates, followers growth, distribution of likes/retweets, and many other indicators that will show you what exactly you are doing wrong or right.

5. If you are a team of two, TweetDeck won't work for you. It doesn't have the permission function. On you can not only bring your entire team to manage social media marketing but also track actions performed by each of your teammates.

And lastly, is designed to every company size from smallest to enterprises. It works for all Twitter account sizes from 1 follower up to 100K. The pricing is the best in the market and the cheapest plan is only $3. It is not free. But it is very very affordable.


Twitter marketing isn't dead and in fact, hides wonderful opportunities for your business to grow. In social media marketing, you have to dig deeper and discover ninja techniques that will work for you. But those would be impossible to accomplish without appropriate software. You can choose for yourself which one works better for you and solves your needs.