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Özge Özdemir
Social Media Director Project House a member of HAVAS

Project House a member of HAVAS - Case Study

Project House was founded in 1999 as one of the first digital agencies in Turkey, so it has an essential place in the advertising world. After becoming a part of Havas Global in 2017, Project House has proven once again that it will continue its progress only by growing stronger. Project House is one of our customers who use most efficiently with a structure that can provide full all-around service to all its brands today, even though it started its life as a digital agency. We talked to Project House Social Media Director Özge Özdemir about their experience with

What brands are you currently working with for social media management?

We provide services to more than 30 brands from many different sectors such as Hyundai, Nestlé Pure Life, Garenta, Vestel, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, Aygaz, İ and so on, not just on social media but all digital communication areas.

So what are the main features of these services?

As Project House, we engage in creating the entire social media strategies of our brands, producing their content and developing creative ideas. We also provide support for moderation & monitoring services, a critical issue for brands.

What is the role of in performing these processes?

With, we manage all our reporting, listening and page moderation processes. We go through again for the approval process whenever our brands request it.

What is the feature you are most satisfied with while using

It is a lifesaver in reporting :)

How did affect your working efficiency? Can you say that you have less workload or the planning became easier?

Our working efficiency has definitely improved. In parallel, our workload has become relatively lighter. "From our perspective, it was almost as useful as two new people joining our team."

At the same time, we have seen the benefits of working with in our research. We also integrated to our approval processes with brands. When we looked at the end of the day, not only us, but our brands also benefited from issues such as proper time management and file transfer savings. The importance of such issues in social media management is critical.

Are you pleased to be working with the team?
Are you pleased to be working with the team?

We are very pleased with the team's fast response time and their effort to fulfill all our requests. We feel as comfortable as though the team is within our agency while doing business with them.

Are there any opinions or recommendations that the Project House team would like to convey to the team?

We see many topics open to improvement in the listening module. We are also excited about the completion of the 3.0 process and the full transition.

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